Thriller film made by Northamptonshire company straring volunteers from the county to be released on Amazon Prime

With a low budget but ample passion, this film is set for a chilling pre-Christmas release

Friday, 22nd October 2021, 8:58 am
13th December has been produced by a Northamptonshire-based production company.
13th December has been produced by a Northamptonshire-based production company.

A Northamptonshire-based production company is eagerly awaiting the release of its latest film, which is coming out on Amazon Prime this Christmas.

13th Day of Christmas, is made by Jacobite Productions, a non-profit dramatics community organisation made up mostly of volunteers. It centres around a gritty detective tale where the lead must hunt down the elusive 'Christmas Killer' as he struggles with his own demons and mental health as the bloody mystery unfolds.

Key roles include director and lead actor Matthew C Widdowson, editor and photography director Ferris Gibby and music by Charlotte Anne Hanson.

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On set during filming.

Dan Brothers wrote, was third director and acted in the film as the lead's brother, James. He is currently involved in similar upcoming productions like Deadly Trio, Captive Resistance, Evidence and Havoc. He has also done background support for shows on Netflix, ITV and Sky.

The property consultant says that his experiences during lockdown inspired many of the core themes for the film.

He said: "Over that time I wrote a script which we liked enough to put a bit of money into and now it's coming out in December.

"It focuses on mental health and the demons that people face day-to-day. Hopefully it will be a big success."

The film will fittingly be released on December 13th.

But the father-of-three says he was most impressed by the volunteers who helped to bring his script to life.

Like a lot of Jacobite productions, many of those involved have not been paid for their time, instead they took part out of sheer passion for the craft.

Dan added: "There are a lot of people who give up so much of their time for nothing or very little. All we've been able to do is feed them and yet there is so much good will there.

"Ninety percent of the people involved were local so it's been great to meet this much talent from in and around Northampton.

The bloody production involved over 120 volunteers.

"We have also been really fortunate to have kind business owners offer their premises for us to use in the film. Lots of people have given large amounts of their time, free of charge, to help shoot, act and edit this film together.

"I think they all deserve a huge amount of credit."

To watch the trailer, search 'Jacobite Productions' on Facebook and catch the film on Amazon Prime from December 13.