A Fine Bright Day Today performed at Playhouse

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A meeting with a new and very different character allows a widow to eventually let go of the past in a play being performed this week at Northampton’s Playhouse Theatre in Clare Street.

As their latest show, the theatre’s company will perform and produce a play called A Fine Bright Day Today, by author Philip Goulding.

Performances will run each evening this week until Saturday.

Since the death of her trawlerman husband 30 years ago, Margaret Harvey has lived with her daughter, Rebecca, in a small cottage in a coastal town.

Rebecca is moving out to live with her boyfriend, so when she meets Milton Farnsworth, an American visiting the area to paint the local landscape, she invites him to lodge with her mother, Margaret, during his stay.

Margaret has become increasingly set in her ways over the years but with patience, humour and some cheap wine, the visitor, Milton, gradually encourages her to relinquish her hold on the past.

Tickets for the play cost £8 and £6.50 for concessions. The time for performances will be 7.45pm each evening. To book tickets, call the company’s box office number on 01604 627791 or book online at the website, www.