The Automatic

AFTER a top-three single and debut album, The Automatic are back, with a new line-up and a new album.

The band kicked off their UK tour earlier this week and tomorrow's show at the Soundhaus will be only the third gig the new line-up has played together.

Guitarist Paul Mullen joined the band last year, three months after keyboard player Alex Pennie left the band.

Paul immediately joined vocalist and bassists Robin Hawkins, vocalist and guitarist James Frost and drummer Iwan Griffiths, working on the band's follow-up to their 2006 album Not Accepted Anywhere.

"The new album is being mixed as we speak," he explains. "We went over to LA to record it at the start of the year and it's only just finished.

"We had about 20 tracks which we've got down to about 12 – depending on a few mixes.

"It sounds like a British rock record; it's got a lot more guitar in it, which in part came about with the addition of me," explains Paul.

"There're a lot of harmonies going on there. Some parts are more complex but we've made it sound the best we could."

Paul joined the band in September three months after his band went on hiatus.

"I kept on writing and had a call from one of the guys at the label who's a mutual friend between us and The Automatic and asked if I knew anyone who'd be interested in joining the band.

"I explained I had some songs, came down and tried them out," he explains. "We got on really well and as soon as soon as we got in the studio together it seemed right." With the departure of Pennie, live keyboard duties will be split between Paul and James live."

With a new line-up, refined sound and new album, Paul explained it felt like version two of The Automatic was about to commence.

"Everyone's really eager to get on the road and for people to hear the new tracks.

"The Automatic has got some great new songs. This is a Fix is going to be a great live track and songs like Accessories and Light Entertainment I'm sure will go down well.

"It's the same Automatic sound – a bit rockier in places but with the same synth feel on a lot of the tracks."

The Automatic play Northampton Soundhaus tomorrow. The show is sold out.

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