Restaurant Review: Wildwood - Market Harborough

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When we stepped into Wildwood in Market Harborough we were impressed by the restaurant’s modern, sleek decor – a favourable first impression was surely a good omen for a nice dinner.

For our starters Joni, Monique and I all opted for the mozzarella garlic bread with caramelised onions (£4.95), while Jill had the garlic and rosemary bread (£3.95).

When our starters came, Monique, Jill and Joni’s breads were all served and I was told mine would be coming shortly. So I urged the others to eat while we waited. The breads looked very inviting, each served in slices inside individual baskets. So they ate and I waited to the point at which we wondered if I had been forgotten. After we chased the staff up about the whereabouts of my starter it finally came, just as everyone else was finishing theirs, which wasn’t ideal.

For our main courses Jill ordered ravioli filled with wild mushrooms (£9.40), Monique had spaghetti pomodoro (£6.95) and Joni had baked chicken pasta (£9.50), which included tomato sauce, creme fraiche and spring onions, topped with mozzarella and Italian ham.

I had the spaghetti bolognese (£8.50), not the most adventurous dish but it’s a classic and a favourite, so I couldn’t resist. The dish was nice but not the best I’ve had, it was a little dry and I felt it would have benefited from a touch more tomato so it had a bit more sauce to it.

The portion of each main dish was fairly generous and the others were quite happy with their dishes.

Jill and I both persevered to enjoy desserts. Again, there was plenty of choice; it was a tough call to make.

In the end I went for the sorbet cone (£3.95) and opted for mango sorbet. The cone arrived presented in its own perspex stand, which I thought was quite cool, and the sorbet was a tasty yet light end to the meal. Jill had the hot brownie (£4.95), which Monique tucked in to as well. Jill was pleased to see that it came served with mint chocolate chip ice cream, and the whole dish seemed to go down a treat.

To be honest we were a bit disappointed with the service – it was slow and uncoordinated, particularly with my late garlic bread.

According to Wildwood’s website, the Market Harborough branch only opened in April 2012, so hopefully this is just a teething problem, as everything else was good.

We all agreed that we would happily go back in the future, as the food had hit the spot.



FOOD:Tasty, good portions



PARKING: Public carpark near


FINAL TOTAL: £86.35, which included two rounds of drinks