Restaurant review: The Fox, Farthinghoe

The Fox, Farthinghoe
The Fox, Farthinghoe
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Tuesday night is ballroom and Latin dancing with my girl friends and we probably spend as much time in the pub first as we do on the dance floor.

I always go to the dance classes in Brackley straight from work so tend to skip dinner as there isn’t time. But I decided to break that bad habit by visiting a pub close by with my pal, Julie, for a pre-dance meal for two.

The Fox Eating Out April 3 2014 Treacle Pudding

The Fox Eating Out April 3 2014 Treacle Pudding

We waltzed into The Fox in Baker Street, Farthinghoe, as if we owned the place at 5.30pm, only to be gently told by the friendly waiter that they weren’t actually open until 6pm, even though the door was unlocked. It was a glorious evening, so my very vocal friend, who is never backward in coming forward, asked if we could have a coffee and take it with us to sit on a bench outside until they opened. He kindly obliged.

6pm arrived and we quickstepped back into The Fox, which has a lovely selection of tables for two or more, dotted around its rather higgledy-piggedly and exceedingly pretty interior. The atmosphere is very relaxing, friendly and we both admired the sage green painted walls.

Julie is a vegetarian married to her local village butcher, so chose the oven-baked Halloumi main meal, which was served with roasted vegetables and a potato garlic stack. She said it was very fresh, yummy and cleaned the plate, unusually for her.

Meanwhile, I tucked into the tasty Moroccan-style lamb tagine, which came with aromatic rice and warm pitta. I felt it could be improved with some natural yoghurt and a chutney side. Both meals were £13.50, which I thought was a tad pricey, along with the desserts, which are all over £5.50. However, we realised there are cheaper options and on certain nights you can get free drinks with pub favourites.

Meals over, we left The Fox, to burn off those calories . . . aptly with a lovely foxtrot.