Unorthodox tastes

Kat Jones in her Wellingborough shop, Unorthodox
Kat Jones in her Wellingborough shop, Unorthodox
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If you have a wide-ranging taste in fashion, Unorthodox boutique in Wellingborough is the perfect place to visit.

Situated on Silver Street, the boutique is the brainchild of Kat Jones, who lives in the town.

Kat, who opened the store in April last year, said: “I wanted to have an eclectic mix, I didn’t want anything that alienated people, I wanted somewhere where people can be eclectic.

“I’ve got a mixture of labels in store including MaxC, Death Kitty, which has a very loyal following, and Red Rock, which is a Northampton label. I like having something that’s a bit local in my shop.

“I’m also getting a brand called Yumi coming in next month, which I’m going to have a big launch for because it’s quite a big deal.

“You can normally buy it in House of Fraser but I think I’m the first one in Wellingborough town centre to stock it.

“A lot of their stuff is quite vintage looking and quite a distinguished style and I’m quite excited about it.

“In my first year, it’s just been about trying things out and seeing what works and I think that is quite fun as I’ve got to know some really good labels through it.

“I just have to keep the balance between stuff that people know, stuff that’s a little bit different, stuff that’s not too expensive but also stuff that’s a little bit more.

“At the end of the day, I can’t be as cheap as Tesco and if you want something high end, there’s are other boutiques that can do that.

“I just like to think that no matter what your style is, there will always be at least one thing in this shop that you will like, whether it’s accessories or a piece of clothing.”

As well as the range of clothing, which includes dresses, tops, skirts and T-shirts, Kat stocks bags, jewellery and other accessories.

She also has an order catalogue for Dr Martens and she stocks Barry M make- up and Stargazer false eyelashes and hair dye.

Kat said: “I love dying my hair different colours and I’m slowly working my way through the colours, and I thought Barry M was a really great brand with some great products at very reasonable prices.”

For Kat, the boutique has always been a bit of a dream job.

She said: “I had some pretty boring jobs before this but it was something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

“I would always talk about it with my friends in a ‘if I had lots of money’ kind of way but then I got to the point that I definitely wanted to do it and I specifically wanted to do it in Wellingborough.

“It’s very easy to just go ‘the town centre is rubbish’ but you have to do something about it.”

Kat calls her shop an alternative shop, but that’s not because the clothes are alternative, but more so, that it offers an alternative choice and a different type of service to what you can get in the High Street shops.

Kat said: “It’s nice to have a rapport with your customers, and while it’s obviously OK for them to browse by themselves, I do love it when I get the chance to help people pick something out that they are going to feel comfortable in and happy with.

“The feedback from people has been really positive and we are getting repeat customers through the door, which is great, but we still need more people to know that we are here.

“It’s a difficult shop to run in the sense that it does not fit into a definitive category which can make it hard for people to know if they should come in or not.

“But like I say, I think there is something for every budget and taste in here and thankfully, people seem happy to walk those few steps further up the street away from the main shopping area to come and check us out.”

For more information about Unorthodox, call 01933 227072 or visit