Edd sings his way to a West End dream

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Playing a lead role in a West End musical is something that many youngsters dream about but never achieve.

Yet for Northamptonshire’s Edd Post, that dream has now become a reality as he has landed a role as Bob Gaudio in Jersey Boys at The Prince Edward Theatre in London.

Edd grew up in Slapton, near Towcester, and studied a BTec in Musical Theatre at Northampton College before doing a degree in the subject and landing roles in major shows, such as the UK tour of We Will Rock You and a world tour of West Side Story.

Last year, Edd landed a ‘swing’ role, a stand-by playing a number of parts in Jersey Boys, but he has now joined the cast as one of the lead characters, Bob Gaudio.

Jersey Boys tells the true story of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons and their rise to pop stardom in the 1960s.

Edd said: “He is dubbed the genius, he did the writing of the music and stuff like that.

“The character I play covers ages 17 to 60 so it is quite broad.

“At the beginning, he is very young, naive and afraid of Tommy, one of the other characters, and by the end of it, he is basically running the show.”

The role means the chance to perform the group’s major hits; songs such as My Eyes Adored You and Walk Like A Man.

Edd said: “I knew a lot of the music before I knew it was them. We have all grown up with their music, but not necessarily known of the band. My parents would know who wrote the stuff, but we are like the second generation. It is great to be able to sing their songs every night. They are tunes that still get the audience going.”

Coping with the hectic schedule of a West End show is a question of stamina, according to Edd.

“I have to take care of myself. I have to make sure that if I do go out at the weekend I am conscious of the fact that I have to get up and sing on Tuesday and do eight shows in the week. It is all about eating healthily and staying fit; some people are better at it than others.”

Edd now hopes to stay in musical theatre for as long as possible.

“I think most actors say they would love to end up doing Hollywood movies and I think that would be fantastic, but I am focusing on musicals because that is what I trained to do and I’ll do it until it becomes a problem with age and castability. I’m 30 next month and there will come a time when I can’t kick my leg up to my face any more and I will have to be more realistic about what I can take on.”