Artists sketch out new creative centre

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Plans for Corby to have its own creative arts centre to showcase the borough’s talent are under way.

A group of volunteer artists are proposing to turn Corby’s former library in the town centre into a place where artists can create and display their works.

Paula Boulton, who is leading the project, said she hoped to eventually transform the area into a space similar to Paris’ artists quarter.

She said: “We’re drawing up plans for the artists to come here and create their art at one end of the space and show people what they are doing at the other.”

The volunteers are currently running the Corby Open exhibition in the building, which has been visited by more than 200 people since it launched earlier this month.

Ms Boulton said: “There were 70 artists involved in the Open exhibition process and since we have been open another 30 have come forward so in the last few months over 100 artists have come to light in the town and we know that’s only the tip of the iceberg.”

The group hopes people of all ages and interests can use the space. Ms Boulton said: “Children have been involved in the project and have already taken over the children’s book section and created a children and baby scribble zone.

“There’s an area for the public to sit and chat about ideas so that art can be made and creativity is developed.”

The group is looking for people in the town to come up with a name to identify the centre.

She said: “We are looking for a name that people can recognise it by. If people can suggest a name I will take it to the next meeting.”

To make a suggestion or to volunteer contact Ms Boulton on 07892 489163 or email