Achieving Indian influenced colours and tones

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WHEN the thermometer rises one make-up trend that never fails to materialise, is achieving the appearance of natural bronzed skin. But along with dewy sun-kissed skin, another trend for summer 2012 is intense pops of dramatic colour.

We visited the Clarins make-up counter at House of Fraser, in the Grosvenor Centre, Northampton, where Natalie Green, Clarins Skin Care Specialist, talked us through how to pull off one of the most vibrant of beauty trends.

This summer Clarins has been inspired by India, looking at traditional patterns and intense colours, enhanced by natural looking bronzed complexions.

“What we are trying to do is get a bronzed and sun-kissed look 
on the face, with a flash of colour.

“It’s a natural look with just that pop of colour to highlight the eyes and the lips,” said Natalie.

“At this time of year people really want a light and natural summer look for their skin and want to avoid anything too heavy, which makes them look fully made-up.

“The natural look is always big for skin in the summer but the pops of colour are very much a now thing.”

“The trends on the catwalk have seen a lot of dramatic colours on the eyes.


Water Purify One-Step Cleanser £19

HydraQuench Cream £33.50

Beauty Flash Balm £28

Instant Light Complexion Perfector in Champagne Shimmer £25

Skin Illusion Natural Radiance Foundation SPF 10 in Sand £45

Concealer Stick in soft beige £18

Bronzing Duo SPF 15 Mineral Compact Powder £26

Blush Prodige in Sunset Coral £25

“TO achieve great make-up, you first need to achieve good skin,” said Natalie.

“So we always start off by treating the skin to achieve a more flawless finish.

“If you look after your skin you can afford not to wear much make-up.

“We do a lot of different ranges and it is important you tailor your skin care to your skin type.

“It’s about getting into a good routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising.

“Using a good cleanser will open up the pours and then the toner will close them, and achieve a more flawless skin.”

After Natalie has cleansed my skin she applies a Hydra Quench Cream.

“Most people have dehydrated skin due to the stresses of everyday life,” said Natalie.

“Then we put on the Beauty Flash Balm which brightens and tightens dull skin and acts as a primer for the foundation, before we finish off with a complexion perfector.”

Next its time for Natalie to choose my foundation.

“When choosing your foundation you can afford one step darker than your natural colour,” said Natalie, who works out my natural tone by placing a colour chart on my forearm.

After applying foundation with a brush she then dabs on concealer before applying bronzer, and then applying blusher.

“With blusher you want to work it into the apples of the cheeks, so it helps if you smile when you are applying it.

“You should work from there, starting with a little bit and then building it up.”


Eye Perfecting Base £22

Enchanted Colour Quartet & Liner Palette £30

Eye Pencil in black £16

Wonder Length Mascara £20

HydraQuench Lip Balm in Pink Jaipur £15

“I always use an Eye Perfecting Base on the eyelid as a base for the eye shadow,” said Natalie.

“We all have creases and marks on our eyelids and this just helps to make it all one colour and to give you a blank canvas to start on.

“For this look we are using our Colour Quartet and Liner Palette, which has champagne beige, bronze, gold and violet in it with a golden brown eyeliner.

“Start off by putting the darker brown colour on near the front of the lid and in the corners.

“Always pat on eye shadow, don’t sweep, and start with the darkest colour first.

“The key to putting on eye shadow is blending the colour to avoid getting a harsh line.

“Next we put on the the bronze and then the shimmer of the Champagne colour on top and work that up to the brow.

“Always use synthetic brushes as natural brushes will just soak up your product.”

Once the natural base is achieved Natalie moves onto adding the bursts of colour.

“Then we come to using the violet colour,” said Natalie.

“We are using the violet to line the eye so we use a pointed tip brush so we can achieve a clean line.

“We then use a black eyeliner to define the inner eye and then put on the mascara, on both sides of the lash.

“Lastly for the final burst of colour we apply a layer of lip gloss, again in a nice peachy orange shade to compliment the rest of the look.”

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