Northampton Rebels fans choose club crest

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NORTHAMPTON Rebels Rugby League fans have voted for their new club crest - and here it is.

More than 500 supporters registered their vote, and of the four options the above crest was the winner with 32 per cent.

Chairman of the Northampton Rebels, David Cardoza, was delighted with the reponse to the vote.

“The fans of the Rebels are central to this club and we want to keep them involved as much as we can,” said Cardoza.

“The increase in the number of fans voting shows already how much we have grown as a club, and we are extremely grateful for all the support we have received so far. We want to continue to develop as a club and maintain the close relationship we have with our fans.”

The next step for the club is to now choose a shirt, and once again, Rebels fans will have the ultimate decision as to what is chosen.

Supporters can stay in touch by visiting or logging on to

The team, which will play their home games at Sixfields from next summer, will be playing in the Co-Operative Championship 1.