Alec Swann – Benitez within his rights to serve up a foul sandwich

Northamptonshire Telegraph's sports writers Jon Dunham, Jim Lyon and Alec Swann.
Northamptonshire Telegraph's sports writers Jon Dunham, Jim Lyon and Alec Swann.

Many of you may not be au fait with the baseball movie Major League.

Starring the likes of Charlie Sheen (pre-meltdown), Wesley Snipes (pre-awful Blade trilogy), Tom Berenger (not sure what else he was in) and Rene Russo (looking fine), it tells the tale of the Cleveland Indians winning against the odds.

And, specifically, battling an owner who wants them to be so bad that he she can re-locate the team to warmer climes in Miami.

There is a moment in the film when the coach reveals the plans of the owner to his players and their collective thought is to make her look foolish and in the process ‘give her a big ****burger to eat.’

I don’t intend to place Chelsea, their owner or manager in quite the same bracket but the latter - Rafa Benitez - has every right this morning to hope that his employers’ supporters, or a vast number of them anyhow, are chewing their way through one of the aforementioned sandwiches.

Come a fortnight’s time, the Spaniard will be on the lookout for alternative employment with the walking ego Jose Mourinho heavily tipped to give the Stamford Bridge role another crack.

And I, for one, hope he gets a good gig somewhere because he has done a decent job for Chelsea.

Another trophy in the bag, a trip to Wembley for the FA Cup semi-finals and Champions League football next season does not constitute a failure by any means and he can walk away with his goatee beard held high.

Actually, he could leave with two fingers held aloft if for no other reason than he is in a position to do so.

The nonsense he has had to put up with, while sadly typical of football unfortunately, now looks extremely childish and ignorant.

When your sole crime is the fact that the first letter of your name is followed by ‘afael’ rather than ‘oberto’ then you’re fighting a wall of idiocy and, ironically, I didn’t see any ‘In Roberto we trust’ banners in Amsterdam on Wednesday evening.

Benitez has proved a lot of people wrong as well as confirming that he is a pretty good coach.

Ketchup on your burger, sir?