Time for action on dangerous road

One of the many accidents to have happened on the A6 near Burton Latimer this year
One of the many accidents to have happened on the A6 near Burton Latimer this year
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Four people have now died in accidents along a short stretch of the A6 between Kettering and Finedon in just 12 months.

The four lives lost on the road as it bypasses Burton Latimer make this probably the most dangerous stretch of Tarmac in the county right now.

And to coin a phrase, something needs to be done about it now.

Nobody can be exactly sure how the accidents which cost these four people their lives happened.

However, as anyone who uses that section of the A6 on a regular basis will know, there is just too much temptation for impatient drivers to take advantage of the extra-wide carriageways and overtake, often at speed and with traffic coming in the other direction.

Take away the temptation and you take away some of the potential for accidents.

It surely cannot be beyond the wit and desire of those in charge of road safety to cut the width of the road, perhaps by installing a central verge or at the very worst introducing road markings that only allow overtaking in one direction.

From conversations with friends, family and colleagues, I know that I am not alone in having nearly been hit by an oncoming vehicle and had to take evasive action on this road.

The police, fire service and county council have taken the first steps towards improving safety and have promised action.

Let’s hope that the action is quick and decisive to try to prevent any further accidents on this stretch of road.

Neil Pickford, Editor