Surprise Royal reply to Keira’s letter to Queen

Keira Swallow, six, with the letter she received from one of the Queen's ladies in waiting
Keira Swallow, six, with the letter she received from one of the Queen's ladies in waiting

A little girl who wrote to the Queen had a surprise reply on Her Majesty’s behalf.

Keira Swallow, six, took a letter on a birthday trip to London last month – just in case she bumped in to the monarch.

She did not see Her Majesty on her trip to London’s Natural History Museum with her mum Kerry, dad Daniel, little sister Lisa, four, and her grandparents so she posted it to her instead.

Mum Kerry Swallow, 30, said: “For her sixth birthday she said she wanted to go to London. I joked it would be to see the Queen and never thought anything of it.

“But she came down on the morning we were going with a letter she had written herself and had spelt ‘Queen’ as ‘cwin’ which I thought was lovely.

“I said ‘we will take it as you never know, we might bump in to her’.

“We didn’t – but when we got back I said we would post it because she’s a busy lady. I put a covering letter explaining what it was.

“I wasn’t sure if we would get any response.”

However, the family was shocked when a letter from one of the Queen’s ladies in waiting dropped through their letterbox and landed on their doormat at their home in Alexander Place, Irthlingborough, last Friday.

As it was Keira’s last day of term before Easter at Irthlingborough Infants School, Mrs Swallow hurried down to break the good news to her in front of her classmates.

Mrs Swallow said: “She’s quite a shy child but she was really pleased. She stood up in class and was smiling.

“Everyone is shocked we did get a reply and so chuffed for her. We were really excited. With the jubilee I didn’t think they would reply to everyone.

“The letter was personalised to Keira. I thought they might have sent a standard letter they send to everyone.”

The reply, which thanked Keira for her letter, said “The Queen was pleased to hear you enjoyed your visit to the Natural History Museum.”

Mrs Swallow added: “They put in information about the Crown Jewels and the Queen’s working day.”

Mrs Swallow said the family plan to return to the capital to see the sights, such as the Queen’s residence, Buckingham Palace, and the Tower of London, which houses the Crown Jewels.