OPINION: Some development allowed out of town

Dunelm in Northfield Avenue, Kettering
Dunelm in Northfield Avenue, Kettering
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What constitutes out-of-town development?

A £50m proposal for a shopping and leisure complex such as the one planned for Rushden Lakes is undoubtedly outside of a town centre.

But so is the ever-growing retail operation in Northfield Avenue, Kettering, as are the proposals for a Subway, Starbucks and garage near the existing Harvester and Holiday Inn on the edge of the same town.

Don’t forget, the developments out there are in the same part of town where Kettering Town Football Club wanted to do a deal with a supermarket chain and build a new stadium.

The powers-that-be blocked that deal, yet slowly but surely more and more development continues in the vicinity.

You have to ask yourself, of what benefit to Kettering and those who live and work in the town centre will this continued development outside the unofficial ring road be?

Offer people working and staying out of the town centre somewhere to stay, buy food and have a drink and they simply will not even think about trying to battle through traffic and Kettering’s one way system to visit, let’s say, the Newlands Shopping Centre.

This newspaper fully supports efforts to improve our town centres, which need to evolve or die.

Approving out-of-town developments is not wrong.

But objecting to some schemes while backing others appears hypocritical.

Neil Pickford, Editor