Let’s get the town back on track

The developments in Corby such as the new swimming pool are something to be proud of, says Mike Kane
The developments in Corby such as the new swimming pool are something to be proud of, says Mike Kane

I returned to live in Corby nine years ago.

Until recently it has been a progressive town and a great place to live.

Great projects completed, Corby Cube, swimming pool, town centre revamp, Tesco store, Steel Park for the football team, new housing projects.

Now there seems to be a trend to look back and blame the efforts of the previous council head and his team.

I am sorry but, to me, Mr Mallender was the sort of man who simply got the job done.

Maybe not perfect, but the proof is in what he achieved in his tenure as chief executive.

Just look at the old Tresham college site for the past 18 months.

It’s a real eyesore in our town centre.

All I can say, in my opinion, is that if Mr Mallender and his team were still in charge, the cinema and restaurant complex would be up and running.

So please whoever is in charge now, let’s get Corby back on track and start implementing these really good initiatives.

Mike Kane


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Do not lob stones from glass houses

I would like to respond to Thomas Pursglove’s letter last week regarding the misinformed comments he has made about the Labour-controlled Corby Council refusing to allow filming or recording of council meetings.

The Audit and Governance committee will receive a report in August to discuss the changes that need to be made to the constitution and also what information technology support will be needed so we can follow Eric Pickles’ recommendation.

May I also inform Cllr Thomas Pursglove that the Conservative-controlled Wellingborough Council, of which he is a member, do not allow filming or recordings to be made of their meetings.

People in glass houses should not throw stones, councillor.

Cllr Jean G Addison

Deputy leader of Corby Council

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Another reason to love this area

The People’s Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is leading a campaign to encourage all UK mayors to avoid wearing real ermine on their ceremonial robes.

As an animal welfare supporter I wrote to Cllr Judy Caine, the mayor of Corby, to find out if the ermine on her ceremonial robes was made of fur.

I am delighted to say I received a reply from the mayor and the council officers stating that it is “fake fur”.

I have passed on a copy of this email to PETA.

They are delighted that Corby is leading the way with compassion to animals.

This is another good reason why I love living in the borough of Corby.

Bob Riley


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Take a trip and enjoy our towns

An enjoyable morning can be spent at Thrapston Market in the sunshine, chatting and loitering amongst the variety of stalls.

This is an old Charter Town steeped in history, still retaining local shops and the Tuesday weekly market.

Not for Thrapston the mundane, more like a Farmers Market including a local author selling her wares.

To tempt the shopper or just browsing, the stalls offer so much.

And the Old Forge Tea Room is a welcoming place hidden in Cranford next to the village hall but worth finding for the delicious selection of lunches and enticing cakes.

The building was a working blacksmiths until the early 1990s so imagine while sipping your tea, the sound of the clip clop of the horses hooves as they walked towards the smithy waiting their turn to be shod.

Thatched cottages are in abundance in the surrounding lanes and after your teashop treat, you may fancy a walk as the area has been likened to a mini Cotswold.

Enjoy the civilised English custom of tea and cake for all.

Ryta Lyndley


Has anyone got any memories?

Can anyone help me try to find out if anyone was in the church lads brigade companies in and round Kettering and Northamptonshire?

Please make contact for help with a book.

Shaun Tero

14 Lewis Road



Sportsmen need to be fined as well

If yobs are to be fined £80 for spitting, then the players in the football leage and some professional golfers should soon reduce the national debt to manageable levels.

Trevor Dilley


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Town has got a bright future

Corby is a town with a bright future and it is important that we all focus on that future to bring more growth, jobs and regeneration to the area.

At a council meeting in Corby, the leader of the council issued a long overdue apology for the mess that the Labour Party has made of Corby’s finances.

We welcome this apology and we thank the leader of the council for issuing it.

We are all extremely proud of Corby and we are saddened by the undeserved embarrassment that the problems at the council have brought to the town.

It is vitally important that we now do everything that we can to put the recent failings behind us and to look to the future.

We, as the Conservative opposition, must resist the temptation to lambast Labour for their failings as to do so would simply dredge up the damage they have done to Corby’s reputation and cause the same embarrassment all over again.

The New ‘Team Corby’ Conservatives are dedicated to delivering a “Corby of the Future”.

We have already established a localised team of individuals, drawn directly from the Corby communities in which they live, along with a Conservative Future Team for the youth of Corby.

In the coming months local people can expect to see the New Team Corby Conservatives unveiling numerous proposals to further regeneration, job creation and prosperity here in Corby.

We are passionate about Corby and we are committed to making the town the place to live in the East Midlands.

Cllr David Sims

Cllr Rob McKellar

Cllr Ray Lilley

Cllr Stan Heggs

Tangle of wires will still remain

I hear fast broadband will be rolling into Thrapston soon.

Apparently only three per cent of the town will have a direct connection – probably just the council – the rest of us will have fibre to a roadside cabinet “somewhere in the vicinity”.

Fibre to the cabinet will allow other commercial companies to offer the so called “last mile” connection.

So will this mean the tangle of overhead wiring in our streets will be reduced?

Apparently not!

Poles and wires are cheaper for the operator, although less efficient.

There is a national planning change to allow operators to put poles and cables in as permitted development anywhere they like for a five-year period.

So they will not need any planning permission, unless it is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Anywhere, even in streets where there are no overhead lines at present, with no chance for the people to object!

Even those in Gretton can’t stop it.

So the coming of broadband will not clear away the out of date technologies, merely add them, some even in streets previously free from poles and wires.

Although the issue was raised, the Thrapston Community Plan led by the town council was silent on this.

Surely we should be getting rid of unsightly and inefficient overhead power and phone cables.

Perhaps the broadband operators can use disused streetlights to string their cables.

Eric Dockum


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Sycophants drive me to distraction

It is always nice to read of the safe arrival of a healthy baby but the sycophantic drivel surrounding the latest Royal new-born has driven me to distraction.

The monarchy’s role in a democratic society is illegitimate and offensive.

The hereditary principle has enabled this anti-democratic dynasticism to poison our politics for too long.

Crown powers allow ministers to bypass Parliament and our police and judges pledge allegiance to the Crown, not Parliament.

Our electoral system is undemocratic, we have an unelected House of Lords and a Head of State that represents the zenith of medieval ritual.

I hope one day I will witness our monarchy participating in the democratic process by standing in an election for the title of Head of State.

Stephen Black


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