Answer is to go back to High Street

The horsemeat scandal has spread far and wide in recent weeks
The horsemeat scandal has spread far and wide in recent weeks

So, the supermarkets are guilty of defrauding their customers by passing off horsemeat – and goodness knows what else – as beef.

Quelle surprise, as Del Boy would say.

For years the supermarkets have driven down prices paid to their suppliers be it Farmers – processed meat producers – or the rag trade.

As more and more of the High Street giants have had to compete with each other, so prices have been driven down and when costs are involved you can be sure that the one thing that will remain is their profit margin.

Something had to give and the quality of the product was the answer.

How people of a certain age would like to return to the days when you shopped in the High Street in shops that competed for business by quality and not cost.

There is an old adage which says that if it looks too good to be true it probably is.

This is the food shopping equivalent to the banking crisis – greedy people putting profit and personal gain before their duty of care to the people who give them their livelihood.

The answer is go back to the High Street shops where personal service, accountability and quality is the first and not the last on the list of priorities.

Barry Tunn


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I refer to Jon Garvey of JS2 Consulting Ltd’s letter to the Northants Telegraph (February 14).

Residents of Corby and its surrounding villages will not be fooled by JS2 Consulting’s claims that the proposed Resource Recovery Park on the Brookfield Plantation will not be a waste plant.

To learn the truth about the developers’ intentions, residents need look no further than page 10 of the developer’s own planning statement which states that the Resource Recovery Park will include waste and materials industries including the management, recycling, processing and use of waste.

The planning statement goes on to admit that examples of the businesses that will be located at the site include recycling and waste management, generators of energy, waste or by-products and recycling related manufacturers.

The claims by JS2 Consulting that the Resource Recovery Park will not be a waste plant are clearly refuted by these admissions in the planning application.

JS2 Consulting further claim that the waste processing element of the development already has planning permission.

This is only true in respect of the incinerator element of the application which received planning permission in 2009.

The remainder of the application, which deals with the waste processing elements, is still under consideration by Corby Borough Council.

If the waste processing element does not receive planning permission it is unlikely that the incinerator element will proceed due to that it will be unviable and unsustainable without the remainder of the development.

Therefore objections to the waste processing plant also stand to prevent the incinerator from ever being constructed.

Of course, the developers will continue seeking to dress up their proposals as something that will somehow benefit the local area.

However, the simple fact is this: if it looks like a waste plant, sounds like a waste plant, works like a waste plant and smells like a waste plant, the chances are that it is probably a waste plant.

Cllr Rob McKellar

Welford and Gretton Ward

Corby Council

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Wellingborough Old Grammarians have once again organised a Battlefields Tour of The Somme area of France and The Ypres Salient in Belgium at the end of May this year.

At the time of writing we have a few spaces left.

We will leave Wellingborough on the morning of Sunday, May 26 and travel to Arras for a three-night stay taking in the Somme Battlefield and cemeteries.

Then we go to Ypres for a further two nights. We are due to arrive back in Wellingborough on Friday, May 31.

The full itinerary has not been finalised yet but we anticipate coving all the major sites such as Thiepval, Newfoundland Park, Delville Wood on The Somme and Tyne Cot, Passchendaele, Menin Gate Ceremony on The Ypres Salient.

New to us this year will be The Wellington Quarry Tunnels in Arras and The Pheasant Wood Cemetery at Fromelles. We will try to accommodate any cemetery requests where possible.

Bed and breakfast acommodation costs £200 per person sharing twin/double rooms.

Single room supplement is £160.

Share of coach costs will depend on how many travel.

If we fill the coach the cost will be in the region of £88 per person, a total of £288.

We paid that amount when we did the same trip nearly 10 years ago.

Admission costs to any museums /attractions will be extra.

If you require any further information contact Steve Watkins on 07768537856 or by email or Jim Cardy on 07929147244 email: Please put OG’s Trip in the subject box.

Jim Cardy


I’m appalled at the Government recently introducing the so-called “Bedroom Tax”.

Someone who has a three-bedroom council house but whose family have grown up and moved away will still pay the rent appropriate to that house.

That is their choice and I can foresee that many will do this and remain in the family home that they have lived in for years.

Now, however, if they are also in receipt of housing benefit they are going to be penalised by having benefit cut by 14 per cent for occupying a house which has more bedrooms than they would seem to need.

It is a device to “persuade” them to leave their home for a smaller one by hitting them in the pocket.

This is not far removed from Soviet Russia soon after the revolution when people found their homes taken over and forced to accept strangers occupying the rooms they were not currently using. Is that what we are coming to?

By the way, how does the council know that there are unused bedrooms in some of their properties –what about a family whose son or daughter who is away at university and not occupying a bedroom for most of the year?

Derek Clark

East Midlands UKIP MEP

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I find it hard to believe that Corby has a food bank.

I understand the shame and pain inflicted on the unemployed and others by the savage cuts introduced by this government.

I applaud the work being done by these volunteers, but wonder how many of them are Corby people or are they immigrants?

The sad fact is that even if Milliband gets into power in a couple of years time, there is little they will be able to do to change things as a triple dip depression takes years to get out of?

Just look at Japan, a once great economy brought to its knees, and we under this Tory leadership are going the same way.

Promising a third London airport in 15 years and High Speed 2 in 20 will not help.

An entire generation in this town will be held down by the Conservative Policies and taking things too quickly without thinking it through properly.

Greed brought us to this, and it hasn’t gone away, no one was brought to book, the same people are doing the same job and putting us in the same risk zone.

History shows us that the only way out of this situation is war or conflict of some kind, but with this Government having cut back on our police, fighting forces and suchit looks like the wealthy Tories are just going to let the working class stew in misery for as long as it takes.

Never did anything sound so hollow as “We are all in it together”. Lies, lies and more damn lies.

Tom Bingham


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My grandfather,William John Page was born in Kettering in 1895. In the 1911 census he was still living in Kettering and working in the shoe industry.

While researching World War One service, we discovered that his Army service started in 1909. When his service ended due to wounds in 1917, he was serving in the machine gun corps attached to the 1st/8th West Yorkshire Regiment.

Our current research in between is a blank.

Does anyone have any details of Territorial regiments in Kettering in 1909, and any ties they may have had with West Yorkshire regiments?

Sandra Walton


Can someone please explain why nothing is being done to the footpath between the leisure centre and the Trading Post pub in Kettering.

Everything is really overgrown with literally hundreds of saplings, blackberry bushes six feet high, and some growing out on to the path with thorns at eye level which could catch children on their way to school.

So much for health and safety.

It is a pity the council can’t spend some money on this well-used path instead of cutting back hedges that are no threat to members of the public.

I have repeatedly written letters to the council but with no effect.

Maybe this letter will shame them into some action.

Greta Barton


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If my understanding is correct, with the Commons vote, the crucial first step to gay marriage happening has now be taken. I would like to propose the following addendum.

The dictionary definition of marriage is the formal union of a man and a woman, by which they become husband and wife.

A new entry under the definition of gay-marriage, or some new word so describing it, would be required.

I am not homophobic.

There are no grounds for prejudice against homosexuals.

What is normal for the individual can never be the norm for human society.

If there are legal benefits by this redefinition of homosexual relationships ,this is to be welcomed, otherwise it is “much-ado-about-nothing” whether you call it a civil partnership or gay-marriage.

While gay marriage should remain a civil event before a registrar, committed gay Christians would be entitled, indeed welcome, to request a blessing on their union in the church of their choice

Sidney Beecroft

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