A14 toll plans will hit local firms

A14 toll plans will hit local firms, says Adrian Lake-Muller
A14 toll plans will hit local firms, says Adrian Lake-Muller
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Isn’t it nice of this Government once again to attack the South East Midlands and East Anglia.

They won’t be happy until Felixstowe is closed and all its trade has been moved to the new Government-backed Themes Hub.

If we look at the facts, there has been little to no investment in the railways and now plans for a toll road which will make haulage almost impossible in the east, which will lead to unemployment.

So, the A14 will be quiet, but not because of the new road helping spread traffic, but because the new road has closed warehouses and the haulage companies so there’s no more traffic to travel on it.

Yet another classic move by a Government that acts but never thinks of the consequences.

They just jump in with their size nines and close their eyes.

Adrian Lake-Muller

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It would be sad to lose countryside

Housing by the acre on green sites is a sad loss of countryside.

Resources in Rushden are increasingly limited, specialist medical services now situated out of town, ambulance service base cut, limited sport and entertainment venues, perceived shortage of schools, limited local transport system and a part-time police station.

All these services need to be more adequate for an increased population.

Rushden waited 60 to 70 years for a bypass.

Will another by-pass be needed again soon?

With regards to future planning to ensure new development complements Rushden’s existing building, I would invite planners to visit Nippendale, a redevelopment site off Cromwell Road to view a three-storey terrace of six units that is built overlooking existing Victorian rear gardens and neighbouring 1970s terraces.

A real carbuncle, totally out off place. Can planners be trusted to get it right?

Jean Rutson-Hogg

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New floor is a real asset to the town

The new floor in Kettering Library is really beautiful.

A wonderful example of craftsmanship and a great asset to the town.

Could we also have a blue plaque to enhance the wall outside, stating that this library was paid for by Andrew Carnegie, and opened in 1904?

It has been long needed in the Heritage Area and his biography is well worth reading.

Diane Bulley


Do you know who served with RAF?

I am researching the former RAF West Beckham in Norfolk and would like to talk to any former personnel who served here or family members.

Please contact me via the address below.

Mike Digby

Green Acres, Osier Lane, West Beckham, Holt, Norfolk, NR25 6PL

Gridlock caused major problems

Having been told by the Highways Agency that both the A6003 from Kettering to Rockingham and the A43 from Kettering to Duddington around Corby are the responsibility of Northamptonshire County Council Highways Department, I would like to know why the decision was made by them to allow the company building the Geddington bypass to close the A43 at Stanion roundabout for a week, before fully completing the dual carriageway section to the new roundabout on the A6003 close to the railway bridge at Storefield Cottages.

Whoever it was has obviously no interest in both the total gridlock caused in Corby at peak times and the impact to local and not so local businesses as a result of extensive delays.

I live in Gretton and work mostly from Wellingborough, a journey that usually takes about 35 minutes.

Following extensive detours, it was an hour and a half.

If I had stuck to my usual route, it would have been much longer.

When I see this sort of thing happening, I find it hard to take seriously the spouting from both national and local politicians about the responsibility we all carry in reducing our carbon footprint.

The same people clearly have no interest in doing so themselves or they would think before making decisions which result in the waste of so much expensive fuel let alone major disruption to both commuters and operators of large goods vehicles.

David Hall

Sales director

TruckEast Ltd


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Right of reply on UKIP and Europe

I would very much appreciate the right of reply to Derek Clark of UKIP.

Mr Clark, in his original letter, stated that NATO and not the EEC had kept the peace in Europe.

My response stated that it was the EEC, later the European Union, that through its institutions, co-operation and integration had developed to provide a forum where trade disputes could be minimalized and agreements reached.

NATO was a military alliance formed to deter aggression from the Warsaw Pact.

It was, and remains, a condition of entry to the EU that human rights, including democracy, are established.

This was not the case with NATO. Turkey was a military dictatorship.

If Mr Clark believes that “the victory over Nazi Germany was achieved by democracies” he has a very tenuous knowledge of history.

The Soviet Union was not a democracy.

If Mr Clark does not understand how the EU has a higher GDP per capita than the US despite having unemployment blackspots, may I suggest a basic course in economics.

It is also significant that none of the countries in economic difficulty had a majority that wished to leave the EU.

Mr Clark also fails to justify his earlier claim that the EU is uncompetitive.

The Global Competitive Report disagrees with him.

I did not ridicule Norway.

I called Mr Clark’s attempt to suggest that the UK could leave the EU and adopt the Norway model grotesque. It is.

Norway has the largest Sovereign Fund in the world, obtained by astute management of its oil and gas revenues.

The export of which accounts for nearly 70 per cent of its exports to the EU. The UK does not have this option.

In order for Norway to access European markets it has to implement all social and employment legislation, product regulations, trade agreements and make a financial contribution without any vote, input or veto.

The policies are, however, legally enforceable.

How would a similar situation enhance accountability in the UK?

I suspect that Mr Clark would rather just leave the EU and return to the independence of the past.

The argument is not about “deluging us with negative comments about our abilities”, it is about dealing with reality and not a romanticised view of the past.

The UK’s industrial base is diminished, net oil and gas exports have practically disappeared and the banking and financial sector ridiculed.

The world is moving towards larger trade blocks.

Why does UKIP think the UK can be the exception and how much influence will the UK have on its own?

I am proud of most of our history and our contribution to freedom and democracy, but Mr Clark and UKIP are both naïve and deluded if they believe their policies can re-invent a totally independent UK in the image of the past.

A referendum on Europe?

Bring it on!

Stephen Black

Barton Seagrave

Lost for words at my benefit cuts

I have just returned from a short holiday with my carer, which was my first in six years, only to be greeted by a letter from the Department of Work and Pensions informing me that the Government had instructed them to reduce my benefit by a sum of £59 per week.

I am an 82-year-old severely disabled pensioner who started work at 16, and did not retire at 65 but carried on until I was 72, having throughout those years duly and unbegrudgingly paid my tax and National Insurance contributons towards my retirement.

My family and I are totally lost for words, especially as Iain Duncan Smith assured the genuine disabled people that his new scheme was introduced with a view to improve on their present benefit.

I only hope that whoever the millionaire is that benefits from my misfortune enjoys his caviar and cigars while drinking his Champagne and toasting Mr Duncan Smith’s health.

When will the working class voters ever learn that the Tories always favour the rich and will continue to do so?

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