Wettest June in Northamptonshire since 2007

Pitsford Reservoir at the end of June
Pitsford Reservoir at the end of June
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More than twice the usual amount of rainfall fell in Northamptonshire in June.

With a total of 123.9mm representing 231.2 per cent of the usual June rainfall, this was the wettest June in the county since 2007 when a total of 176.1mm was recorded.

Despite the first three months of the year coming in with below average rainfall, prompting Anglian Water to introduce a hosepipe ban, an exceptionally wet April and June has resulted in rainfall for the first six months of the year now being above average.

A total of 369mm has so far been recorded at Pitsford representing the wettest first half of the year since 2007.

There were some exceptionally wet days in June.

Five days recorded over 10mm of rain and three days recorded 24 hour totals of over 15mm.

However, the wettest day (18.0mm) was on June 2.

June 28, which saw severe thunderstorms and giant hail in parts of the Midlands, was comparatively dry in the county.

Although the lightning detector at Pitsford recorded more than 85 strikes per minute at the peak of the storm, not a drop of rain was recorded locally.

Unsurprisingly, temperatures were below the norm for June.

With an average temperature of 14.0, 1.4C below the June average, this was the coolest June in Northampton since 1987.

There was a brief spell of warmth leading up to the thunderstorms of the final week with the maximum temperature of 25.9C being recorded on June 28.

However, the average daytime maximum temperature was about 17.9C.

Finally, the lack of sunshine was another feature of the month.

With the ever present threat from rain-bearing clouds, June only recorded 100.1hrs of bright sunshine, just 59.9 per cent of the usual amount, making this the dullest June since 1990.

As for the remainder of the summer, it is difficult to predict whether or not we shall see conditions improving.

In the short term, however, conditions are set to remain cyclonic over the week ahead, perhaps continuing into next week as an area of low pressure remains fairly stationary across the UK driving further outbreaks of rain.

Pitsford Hall weather station is a non-profit making organisation run by Northamptonshire Grammar School to provide quality weather data for the local community.