Wellingborough couple wed for second time

Linda and Arthur Treadwell marry at Wellingborough register office for the second time
Linda and Arthur Treadwell marry at Wellingborough register office for the second time

A couple who first got married more than 40 years ago and then split up have re-tied the knot at the same place, on the same date and at the same time.

Linda and Arthur Treadwell first got married on November 14, 1966, at Wellingborough Register Office, and said “I do” for a second time on Tuesday.

Linda and Arthur Treadwell

Linda and Arthur Treadwell

Linda said: “My family lived on a working canalboat and we used to bring grain down from London to Whitworth’s mill in Wellingborough and that’s where I met Arthur.

“He used to be there talking to the boat people.

“I had just turned 16 and we got married when I was 19.”

The couple moved in with Arthur’s parents in Wellingborough for a while before moving in with Linda’s parents, who by then had moored the canalboat in Coventry.

Linda’s father helped Arthur find a job with the local electricity board and they lived in a caravan when her parents finally moved into a council house.

They moved back to Wellingborough in 1976 where Arthur found work with Chettles, now Horninghold Haulage. They split up in 1985.

Linda said: “We had six children and the youngest died when she was two days old.

“I needed Arthur to be with me but he was needed at work and that was the cause of us splitting up.

“I moved back to Coventry but came back to Wellingborough every weekend to see my two eldest children who were just finishing school.”

The couple stayed in touch throughout the years and in 1986, Linda moved back to Wellingborough to be nearer her family.

She and Arthur decided to give married life a second chance at the beginning of the year and Linda decided they should choose the same date, time and place.

The couple’s family were “chuffed to bits” when they heard the news and Linda’s sister, who was a bridesmaid at the original ceremony, was a witness at this marriage.

Linda said: “It’s a case of better the devil you know. Arthur was always there for me through the years and we never lost touch.”