Warning after spate of burglaries in Kettering

Police have issued a warning to homeowners
Police have issued a warning to homeowners

Homeowners are being urged to lock doors and windows following a spate of burglaries in the central and north east areas of Kettering.

Since the start of September, 11 out of 13 burglaries in the area have been at houses where front or back doors had been left unlocked or windows left open.

Sector inspector for Kettering, Richard Tall, said: “It’s really concerning that so many of the burglaries reported recently have happened at unsecured properties.

“Many of the properties in this part of town are terraced houses where an opportunist burglar can just walk along the street trying each door and if they find one unlocked, it only takes seconds for them to sneak in and steal whatever is lying around. “They’ll also go around the back and try the back doors too.

“In fact, out of the 13 recent burglaries, the offender got in through an unlocked front door at five properties, an unlocked back door at another five, and one thief got in through an open window.

“While we can’t be certain they wouldn’t try to force their way in to a locked house, the chances are they’ll move on to the next one until they find an easier target.

“Most of the recent burglaries have happened overnight while people were at home and asleep but some have happened during the day too.

“So the message is, whatever time of day it is and even when you’re at home, please make sure you keep doors and windows locked.”

The 13 burglaries took place between September 1 and November 24 in the All Saints, Northfield, Avondale Grange and William Knibb wards.

For home security and crime prevention advice, visit www.northants.police.uk/crimeprevention.