Villagers say no to new houses in Earls Barton

Residents are opposed to plans for 100 new homes in Earls Barton
Residents are opposed to plans for 100 new homes in Earls Barton
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Villagers have expressed their opposition to plans to build more than 100 new homes on land they say will be unable to cope with the development.

A pressure group has been set up in Earls Barton to fight the proposals, which would see 85 houses built just off Station Road and a further 39 homes on an adjacent plot.

An application to build 65 new homes on a third site has already been won by developer Redrow Homes on appeal.

Nick Chapman, chairman of Save Earls Barton Village, said residents were not opposed to development per se.

But he said any new homes should fit in with a neighbourhood plan which villagers are working on – something he said the Government had hoped to encourage with its focus on localism – but which has taken time to draw up.

He added: “It isn’t nimbyism, all we are asking for is a plan. The risk is we could have 500, 600 or 700 houses.

“This is against the context of developers and the Government saying we need these to kickstart the economy.

“We have had people in the village handing out leaflets on how to object. We shall keep canvassing people.

“As a group we want to support the neighbourhood planning team and we would urge anyone in Earls Barton to support the neighbourhood planning team.

“We have had a few people say development would be good because it would bring more things to the village, but it won’t unless someone pays for it.

“The planning regime that’s developed over time has done so for good, sound reasons. To tear up the rules and say fill your boots to the developers is only really good for developers, not for communities.

“It just isn’t the best place for development.”

The deadline for objections to the plans for the plot comprising 85 new homes is September 29, but Mr Chapman added: “As far as I am concerned, even if the date for objections has gone we need to keep objections going.”

Earls Barton Parish Council has also resolved to fight the proposals following a meeting attended by more than 60 people last week.