VIDEO: Schoolgirl rapt to win sun safety rap

A Kettering schoolgirl has drawn on her creative talents to win a national competition as part of a sun safety awareness campaign.

Seven-year-old Kitty Harley, from St Peter’s School, is one of four children from across the UK who won the Nivea Sun and Cancer Research UK competition to write a poem, song or rap about enjoying the sun safely.

Kitty Harley, seven, from St Peter's School

Kitty Harley, seven, from St Peter's School

The competition was launched earlier this year as part of a wider schools programme designed to give primary schoolchildren the opportunity to learn about enjoying the sun safely as well as the chance to win prizes for their school, classmates and themselves.

Hundreds of children entered the competition, but it was Kitty’s rhythmic rap and colourful illustrations which grabbed the judges’ attention for best reflecting the campaign’s sun safety messages.

She said: “At first I thought it was only four schools (taking part), so when I found out I thought ‘Wow!’.”

Kitty’s winning entry has secured a weather station for her school as well as a fun workshop with weather themed activities and prize giving ceremony for her Year 3 classmates delivered by NIVEA SUN and Cancer Research UK. Kitty also personally received £250 of Toys R Us vouchers to spend.

Maria Chapman, headteacher at St Peter’s, said: “Kitty is so pleased to have won the competition. The activity provided a great opportunity to teach the children how to enjoy the sun safely, but in a way that is creative and engaging and will hopefully stay in their minds for a long time to come.”

Paula Young, Cancer Research UK spokesperson for Northamptonshire said: “Congratulations to Kitty and the children at St Peter’s School. We were very impressed by the number of high quality entries we received for the NIVEA SUN competition. The standard of writing was extremely high and it was encouraging to see children really understanding how to enjoy the sun safely whilst expressing their own creativity.

“While it’s great for children to spend time outdoors in the summer, it’s really important that they learn to protect themselves from sunburn. Young skin is delicate and vulnerable to damage from over-exposure to UV rays.”