VIDEO: Council serves eviction notice to Travellers

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Travellers in the Kettering area have moved to land on Deeble Road in the town.

The group, who have set up camp on Glendon Road, Cherry Hall Road and the A43 at various times this week, have moved to land between the Kettering Science Academy and the Ise Lodge estate.

A traveller camp next to the Holiday Inn, on the A6003 just north of Kettering.

A traveller camp next to the Holiday Inn, on the A6003 just north of Kettering.

In a statement, a spokesman for Kettering council said: “Following advice from the Countywide Traveller Unit an eviction notice (using police powers) has been served on the travellers on Deeble Road. They are required to leave the site by 10am tomorrow.”

The eviction notice has been served after the authority acted on advice from the Countywide Travellers Unit (CTU), run by Northamptonshire County Council.

KBC is also exploring measures which would prevent the Travellers moving on to different areas of public land.

Kettering council cabinet member Michael Brown said: “The council has a firm but fair policy in regards to these matters, and this is the right time to be firm on illegal encampments, and fair to the permanent residents of the borough.

“No section of society should be deemed to be above the law and there shouldn’t be any “no-go” areas for the general public or the authorities that represent them. I am delighted that the law is being upheld by our officers in partnership with the CTU and action is being taken to ensure our public spaces are protected from illegal developments and encampments.”