Torch team honoured to be picked

A CANCER sufferer who was given just four years to live nearly 10 years ago is among the few chosen to carry the Olympic Torch through the county.

John Doran, 53, of New Road, Geddington, has been picked by games organisers to run with the flame on its route through Isham just before noon on July 2.

Mr Doran retired as a police constable from Northamptonshire Police after doctors gave him just four years to live after diagnosing him with a form of cancer called multiple myeloma.

But, partly thanks to advancements in medication, Mr Doran has managed to keep the incurable condition at bay and is still here today.

Since retiring he has helped raise thousands of pounds for charity through volunteer work, organising concerts and village fairs.

He said: “I was very humbled and honoured to be nominated. Since I was told the news a couple of days ago I haven’t stopped grinning – it’s a real honour to be given the chance to be involved in making history.

“I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma on Christmas Eve, 2004. I’ve had a bone marrow transplant since then and I’m currently on my fifth type of chemotherapy to increase my white blood cell count.

“The thought of being here nearly 10 years later and carrying the Olympic Torch in 2012 would never have even entered my mind at the time.”

Mr Doran has been lined up to carry the torch through Isham, but hopes he can come to an agreement to carry it through Geddington instead.

He said he has asked the question and has his fingers crossed that he will be able to swap.

He added: “It would be the icing on the cake if I could carry the torch through Geddington, I’ve had a wonderful time here over the past 20 years.”

Among the other few torchbearers announced at this stage are disabled football player Christopher McDonald and hospital worker Charlotte Preston, who are both from Northampton but will carry the torch through Kettering.

Twenty-year-old trampoline gymnast Penny Mitchell, will carry the torch through Corby.

Other torchbearers will be announced by the councils prior to the event.