The Rushden Lakes inquiry in 57 tweets

Gemma Toulson has been tweeting live from the Rushden Lakes inquir
Gemma Toulson has been tweeting live from the Rushden Lakes inquir

The Rushden Lakes inquiry has been ongoing for eight days now – and Telegraph reporter Gemma Toulson has been there every day.

She’s tweeted more than 200 times live from the inquiry already, but if you’ve not seen them all here’s a selection of the best.

Rushden Lakes Inquiry logo

Rushden Lakes Inquiry logo

“Topic of conversation here at the #RushdenLakesinquiry is currently about funding for a potential new bus service to the site”

“The QC for the Grosvenor Centre has just pronounced Raunds as ‘Rounds’...”

“Some of the Stanton Cross section 106 money could go towards paying for a new bus service to Rushden Lakes”

“Transport expert David Bird has now been giving evidence/questioned by QCs for about 4 hrs”

“Retail expert says expansion of Northampton Grosvenor Centre is needed & failure to do so has been apparent for 14 yrs”

“We’ve just heard that Next has been earmarked for Rushden Lakes & M&S will be anchor store”

“Retail expert said if Debenhams comes to Rushden Lakes it would not move out of Northampton”

“Still hardly any mention of Rushden Lakes potential affect on Corby or Kettering. It’s all about Northampton”

“This is despite corby & kettering tax payers contributing towards the cost of the QC for the consortium of councils”

“#RushdenLakesinquiry has just been read a letter by Cllr Paul Bell leader of Wellingborough Council explaining why the council backs lakes”

“The #RushdenLakesinquiry has just heard from a retail planning expert that the development would attract 70% of shoppers from the local area”

“So the QC for Northampton’s Grosvenor Centre describes Rushden/east northants as a ‘lower order centre’”

“We’ve just heard the Marks & Spencer at Rushen Lakes would include a food hall”

“Mr Hollobone said he speaks on behalf of local residents of Kettering when he opposes the development”

“Hollobone’s just been told that only one person from Kettering has written to the inspector to oppose Rushden Lakes”

“I’m becoming very familiar with policy 12 of the North Northamptonshire Core Spatial Strategy at the #RushdenLakesinquiry”

“Mr Wlson says Rushden Lakes would provide £15million income for the building trade”

“Rushden as a growth town...Been going around in circles on this every day”

“Miss Ellis has just pointed out at the #RushdenLakesinquiry that Wellingborough Council’s planning officer initially recommended the council should oppose Rushden Lakes”

“If Grosvenor Centre extension goes ahead it would create 1,450 jobs, legal rep for the centre’s owner just said”

“They say those jobs will be lost if Rushden Lakes goes ahead”

“John Rhodes has begun his evidence by talking about the environmental benefits for the Skew Bridge site”

“Local Scouts & Sea Cadets have written letters of support for the development”

“Talk has turned to Northampton, the new bus station & the proposed Grosvenor Centre extension”

“Morag Ellis still on the subject of planning policy/framework. All expert witnesses so far have said it’s out of date”

“But they have all been witnesses for the applicant or East Northants Council so far”

“Russell Harris, from the Grosvenor Centre, continuing in same vein as his questioning last week by suggesting Rushden is not suitable for high end shops”

“Good old Mr Harris. He’s employed to represent the Grosvenor Centre but he’s just called it the Grafton Centre - twice”

“He had to be corrected by the inspector”

“We’re hearing now from Matt Whiteley, witness for the consortium of Corby, Kettering and Northampton councils”

“Mr Whiteley has just contradicted the leader of Northampton Borough Council, Cllr David Mackintosh”

“Blimey! we’re back on the subject of policy 12 of the joint core strategy!!”

“Miss Ellis & Mr Whiteley have now strayed on to the topic of Northampton’s bars, theatres & nightclubs!!!???”

“Paul Lewin, planning policy manager at Northampton Borough Council is giving evidence now”

“He said it’s a threat to the public & private investment made to deliver the vision to improve Northampton town centre”

“A letter has just been read out at the #RushdenLakesinquiry from Cllr David Mackintosh, leader of Northampton Borough Council”

“Cllr Makintosh writes Rushden Lakes would make delivery of the extension of the Grosvenor Centre ‘significantly harder’”

“We’ve heard about the many objections made by Legal & General (Grosvenor) to out of town developments for Northampton”

“Mr Katkowski (LXB) says Legal & General are ‘serial objectors’”

“Susan Garbutt (Kett council) Rushden Lakes not in town centre, does not fit with local plan for town centre development”

“Mr Goddard has just been asked about the huge public support for Rushden Lakes. He said “The importance of the inquiry is to judge on planning merits, not on a lot of people thinking it’s a good idea”

“Mr Goddard: on Wellingborough. He’s just told inspector that a supermarket (Asda) has made an offer for Jacksons Lane”

“...Not sure if it’s at that stage yet. Think talks are still ongoing”

“Chris Katkowski specialises in planning work. The latest Legal 500 says he’s “the country’s leading planning barrister”

“Best of all though, his nickname is ‘Kit Kat’, according to”

“Mr Goddard on Rushden Lakes impact - “I’m concerned about Wellingborough, Northampton and also Kettering”

“He said he’s not concerned about Rushden town centre & I think in Corby the impact would be relatively insignificant”

“Mr Goddard now talking about sites in Wellingborough said the Tresham site isn’t available now as Tresham plans to stay”

“... but he said Tresham site in Church Street might be available for retail development in the future”

“Think Tresham would disagree as they want to develop the site”

“From recent exchanges at the #RushdenLakesinquiry think it’s fair to say there won’t be a Zara Home or an Argos store at Rushden Lakes”

“Mr Goddard predicts a 36.5% decrease of people from North Northants going to Bedford to shop if Rushden Lakes approved”

“Day 8 of #RushdenLakesinquiry is going to start about 10 minutes late today as the barrister for the objecting councils is stuck in traffic”

“Ian Dove QC, for East Northants Council, is asking the questions this morning. He’s quite fierce”

“Witness being questioned on whether people in north Northants should have to travel to Northampton to do shopping”

“Discussion at #RushdenLakesinquiry about errors in figures put forward by witness for the objecting councils”

“The ‘glitch’ was mix-up of Kettering Retail Park & Northfield Avenue Retail Park in the figures put forward”

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