Teachers retire after more than 100 years

Angela Brinkman
Angela Brinkman
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Three teachers who have taught generations of families and have more than 100 years experience between them are retiring.

Angela Brinkman has retired after 21 years as headteacher of Studfall Infants School, Corby, assistant headteacher Linda Hunt is retiring after 33 years at Grange Community Primary School, Kettering, and Marian Tucker has retired after 37 years teaching at St Thomas More Catholic Primary School, Kettering.

Lina Hunt

Lina Hunt

Mrs Brinkman, 62, who has worked in the teaching industry for 42 years, said: “I will miss the companionship and seeing the children flourish.

“They sing a song at the end of the year in which they say: ‘We are wonderful, we are marvellous, we are perfect in every way.’

“When you see 100-plus seven-year-olds singing that it pulls your heart strings because that’s what we are trying to achieve.”

All three have watched pupils grow up and have taught their children.

Marian Tucker

Marian Tucker

Mrs Hunt, 60, whose husband Ian remains a teaching assistant at the school, said: “It’s a real privilege to be part of the family. Some of the families I have taught all of their children.”

She had five years off to bring up her son and taught at Meadowside Primary School, Burton Latimer, for a year before being invited back to Grange in 1986.

Mrs Tucker, 58, of Headlands, Kettering, who has seen three headteachers come and go since starting at St Thomas More the day after getting married in 1975, said: “The parents must like the school because they bring their children there.”

Mrs Brinkman, of Desborough, worked out she had taught more than 2,500 children at Studfall.

All three teachers said the curriculum and teaching practice has changed over the decades, but pupils stayed the same. And a love of children and the support of colleagues has kept them going.