Survey says Northants’ economy is healthy

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The Northamptonshire economy is in a healthy state with trade up since the recession, according to a county business survey.

The poll of 71 firms was carried out by county networking group NN coNNect and showed almost 80 per cent of companies believed business had increased since the country emerged from the economic meltdown triggered by the 2007 credit crunch.

Almost 96 per cent of the entrepreneurs were optimistic about the future, while 83 per cent believe Northamptonshire’s economy is healthy, 15 per cent claiming it is poor and one per cent saying it is thriving.

Finedon businessman and NN coNNect group director Paul Green said: “I am aware that other business surveys might paint a bleaker picture, however, people in my network are hopeful about the future as reflected by this poll.

“As a network we have been working with each other to grow our businesses, creating a supportive and self-help community.

“I launched NN coNNect in 2011 as an alternative to the county’s referral business networks and to give Northamptonshire firms the opportunity to expand and grow following the downturn and so far so good.”

Network member Paul Beesley, who runs training consultancy Beyond Theory, said: “GDP is an average figure so there is always going to be some businesses that out-perform others.

“I am growing my business as my customers grow theirs and overall I share optimism about the future.”

Fellow NN coNNect colleague, business coach Jacqui Elmore, of Northampton-based Ology, said: “I think the business community is fed up with wave after wave of negative economic stories from the national media, but actually out here in the real world things are a lot more positive than sometimes portrayed.”

For more information about NN coNNect, which has 91 members across four groups which meet fortnightly in Stanwick, Corby, Daventry and Northampton, visit or call 01933 375300.