Street has 100 potholes in just a 50-yard stretch

A street pitted with more than 100 potholes in a 50-yard stretch has been dubbed the worst road in the county by residents fed up with a patchwork of repairs.

On Saturday, some of the pot holes in Doris Road, Kettering, were being filled in by road maintenance crews, but Bob Williams, who has been complaining about the condition of the road since he moved in 28 years ago, said filling them in is not the right solution.

He nad other residents are demanding a better service from the council.

He said: "I've been complaining about the state of this road for years and it's just been getting worse and worse.

"All the council ever does is come along and fill in the holes, but it's just a false economy because within three months the holes will be back and bigger than ever. This road needs resurfacing properly, not just with holes filled in now and then."

Doris Road is one of a series of streets on the estate with pot hole problems. And residents say it is the worst they have seen.

Mr Williams said he thinks the reason it has not been properly surfaced before is because the road is not on a bus route, unlike others on the estate.

He said: "About 18 months ago, my wife Aileen and I were coming back from a Halloween party in a taxi.

"It was dark and she fell over after tripping in a pothole and broke her wrist. She needed five months off work and it was all because of the state of the road.

"It's a false economy simply fixing the holes. If the council surfaced the road properly it would last for about 10 years without the need to keep coming out"

Last week a motorcycle instructor branded Corby's roads a danger to motorists because of potholes.

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