Sobering GP visit led to 14-month weight loss

Jacqueline Adams
Jacqueline Adams

A Desborough woman managed to lose five stone after doctors told her she needed to shed weight after she started suffering from pains in her knees and chest.

Jacqueline Adams, 49, said she had always been a ‘yo-yo’ dieter, but realised she needed to lose weight and keep it off in the long term after getting the sobering message during a visit to her GP. After joining a weight-loss group in Rothwell, Jacqueline is celebrating after losing almost exactly five stone in weight during the past 14 months.

Jacqueline Adams

Jacqueline Adams

She dropped from 15st 6lb to 10st 6lb, going from a dress size of 20 or 22 to 12 in the process.

Jacqueline has put the weight loss down to joining a Rosemary Conley Diet and Fitness Club, which offers both diet and fitness advice in one class.

She added: “My weight had been creeping up and up over the past 10 years but it was in the past four or five years when I really piled on the pounds, after giving up going to the gym.

“The more weight I piled on, the less confident I became and I started to get quite introverted.

“I had stopped exercising and was eating bigger and bigger portion sizes, especially as I often stayed in hotels while travelling with my job.

“It was becoming an effort even to walk up stairs as my knees were hurting me and I was also suffering from chest pains.”

Jacqueline said it was only a visit to the doctor in February last year which convinced her to take action.

She said: “I was told by the GP to lose a minimum of five stone. I wanted to lose weight and I also wanted to exercise so a class which combined both was ideal.”

Jacqueline said she soon realised that a quick-fix diet would not solve her problem and that what she needed was a lifestyle change and a change of eating habits.

She added: “After the first week I had already lost 3lb and I continued to lose weight steadily until I reached my goal weight 14 months after joining the class.

“I no longer get chest pains or pains in my knees. I am a lot healthier and happier and don’t have to wear trousers all the time.

“I can wear figure-hugging dresses and enjoy compliments from my partner.”