Should explicit music videos be shown on TV?

In my debating class we are arguing on the topic ‘explicit music videos’.

We have two sides to this argument and the side I will be arguing about first is the ‘yes they should be shown’ side.

In reality there is always a choice we make and whether that is the right choice or the wrong choice it is still simply our choice to make.

On one hand, they should be shown because you can easily turn over the channel if you don’t want to watch and also it will teach you and make you become aware of what people wear when they hit a certain age.

Also it shows you that people mess up in life and make mistakes. Remember it is not fully up to them what they wear in the music video; other people have an input too.

And anyway, most channels have a watershed of 8pm or 9pm so children might not see them. They also blur bits out if they are to revealing and also some music channels and radio stations beep out the swear words.

But on the other hand 16-year-olds are having surgery to make them look better even though they have not finished growing.

Also younger children are influenced by what these women wear in these videos. They start wearing clothes like them and start going out in the dark.

Also like I said before, you can easily change the channel. It is your choice but if we banned them then people might want to watch them more – so is it better to keep them shown on television or have a watershed?

In the end it all comes down to your own opinion, it is your choice if you watch them and all over the world there is going to be a difference between people whether you like it or not. It all depends on what you want to think.

I’m just going to leave you with one question… ‘Should explicit music videos be shown on telly?’