Rushden reptiles ready to meet the public

These baby bearded dragons were rescued in Rushden
These baby bearded dragons were rescued in Rushden

Reptiles of all shapes and sizes will be on show in Rushden on Sunday.

Forest Floor Reptiles in High Street, Rushden, is opening its doors between midday and 4pm on Sunday for people to come in and see what the shop has to offer, including meeting Rex the monitor lizard and Beryl the tarantula.

The open day is also an opportunity to learn about the rescue service, which helps if reptiles are dumped, rescued or owners have been forced to give them up.

Mark Mingard from the shop said: “Anyone can come down, and come and see what we are all about.

“We are doing talks and handling, and running some activities so if people are scared of reptiles, we have people who can help them with that.

“There’s also going to be games for the kids and light refreshments.”

Reptiles are far more common than they used to be, with statistics showing one in three households has a bearded dragon or reptile and one in four households has a snake.

The shop, which has been open for three years, attracts a lot of attention from people walking past as they see staff handling the animals and many go in for a closer look.

But the staff do more than just provide a service for people looking to buy a pet reptile, they also come to the rescue if an animal is in need and then helps to re-home them if possible.

They have been called upon to help by the emergency services, including a call-out to a Rushden church when a corn snake got stuck in the drain.

The latest drop-off for the rescue service was 15 baby bearded dragons, which arrived at the shop in a cardboard box this morning.

Staff will now have to get them checked by a vet before making sure they are fit enough for re-homing.

The rescue service has to finance itself so proceeds and donations from the open day on Sunday will go towards its work, including food, vets bills and providing suitable accommodation for the reptiles.

The nearest reptile rescue centre is in Luton so the Rushden staff can be called into action across the county and beyond.

For more information about the shop or rescue service, call 01933 770484 or visit the website at