Residents fight to halt roads danger

A CAMPAIGN has been launched to fight for better traffic measures in the east of Wellingborough.

Independent councillor Paul Crofts and Labour members Shashi Dholakia, Maureen Shram and James Ashton called for residents to attend a meeting at the Victoria Centre, in the Castle Ward of Wellingborough.

The meeting discussed taking action regarding the busy roads to the east of the town.

More than 50 members of the community attended the meeting, chaired by ex-councillor Mike Prescod.

Cllr Paul Crofts, who called the meeting, said: “We had people attend from the whole east side of Wellingborough – from Finedon Road to Senwick Road – and we had interesting discussions.

“The outcome is that a campaign group is being set up to call for action to be taken in this area, which will be supported by ward councillors.

“In the short term there are lots of things that could be done to make the roads safer and less busy, including banning HGVs using the roads as a cut-through, more pelican crossings and speed reduction cameras in places like Senwick Road.

“In the longer term we have the big Wellingborough East development happening and hopefully the road network can be improved to take traffic movements away from this part of town.”

Debbie Holland, 34, a mother-of-two, said: “We need clearer and quieter roads as residents are suffering from the constant heavy traffic, and it’s causing a danger to our kids.”

Christine Wooding, 57, of Irthlingborough Road, is arranging a follow-up meeting. In 2005 she collected 2,000 signatures calling for a crossing at Senwick Road.

She said: “To get 2,000 signatures from this area shows the strength of feeling about the road network. Senwick Road in particular is a death-trap and an accident waiting to happen.”