Residents can keep things neat and tidy

CORBY residents will be able to keep their neighbourhood looking greener and cleaner – thanks to people power.

They campaigned for months for a litter bin in Lewin Road, near Conyger Close, on the Oakley Vale estate, and their persistence has paid off.

Borough councillor Eyusuf Chaudhury put his weight behind the appeal and a new bin has been installed.

Cllr Chaudhury said: “It’s took us nearly a year to get this litter bin installed and residents are really pleased, especially those with dogs.

“It’s wonderful news for the community and it will make a big difference to the neighbourhood.

“I would like to thank Corby Council for listening to people’s views and providing the bin, especially at this difficult time. Residents are very grateful.”

The council is tackling the litter problem in Corby by raising people’s awareness of the issue. A council spokesman said: “Our street cleansing team is dedicated to clearing up litter but the ideal situation would be that everyone in Corby acts responsibly with their rubbish.”