Residents at mercy of yobs and vandals

A RESIDENT is fed up with the amount of flytipping, graffiti, petty acts of vandalism and unsocial behaviour in his block of flats.

Photographs taken within the last month by a reader who lives in Knox Court, Knox Road, Wellingborough, shows the extent of the problems caused by members of the so-called Relentless Crew who leave the gang name daubed on the block of 21 flats.

The resident, who moved into his flat within months of the block opening in 2001, said he felt ashamed and embarrassed to show people his home.

He said: “When the flats opened it was a show piece but as the years have gone by it’s become more and more run-down. The worse it gets, the worse people treat it. People drop their rubbish bags and litter anywhere.

“There is a three-piece suite which has been ripped up next to the flats and there’s so much grafitti around the place.

“It’s got to the point where I don’t want to show my family and friends where I live. I feel embarrassed to bring them past all the mess.”

The resident, who asked not to be named, has sent his photographs to his ward councillors and hopes action will be taken.

He said: “I have seen drug taking and people having sex on the doorstep and there have been physical attacks on people walking along the street.

“Residents don’t use the car park behind the flats because of damaged caused to our cars.

“The flats themselves are great. They have security doors and fencing and there is a great communal garden but the area around the block is appalling.”

Wellingborough councillor Paul Crofts visited the area on Friday and said: “A lot of the rubbish has been removed, although the grafitti is still there.

“The site seems to get cleaned up every two weeks or so, which I’ve been told is normal practice for the owners Leicester Housing.

“However, they need to do more to stop the rubbish building up like this.”

Leicester Housing was unavailable to comment.