Pupils fighting back against bad parking

South End Infants School council members highlight the problem of parents stopping at the zebra crossing to let their children out
South End Infants School council members highlight the problem of parents stopping at the zebra crossing to let their children out
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Youngsters at a Rushden school have launched a campaign to stop parents parking dangerously during drop-off and pick-up hours.

Pupils on the school council at South End Infants School, Wymington Road, Rushden, were inspired to start the campaign, ‘No stopping and dropping at the crossing’ after witnessing several parents drop off their children at the zebra crossing at the school.

The pupils decided to create a banner and display it outside the school.

On Wednesday morning the pupils displayed the banner and photographed any cars which they thought were parked dangerously, or if a child was being dropped off in a dangerous position.

Seven-year-old Ben Vepond, a member of the school council, said they decided to do something about the situation because the children thought it was dangerous.

He said: “We get to talk about things in the school council we would like to do. We wanted to do this so people can see what we think.

“I think it’s dangerous.”

School council co-ordinator Karen Worbey said she hopes Wednesday’s activities have a positive impact.

She said: “This was all the idea of the pupils on the school council, which is fantastic.

“They wanted to do something because one of their peers was upset after being dropped off outside the school, near to the zebra crossing, and had to walk along the railings.

“It is a problem. When the students originally had the idea they made posters and we put them outside the school. But when we were doing this we must have seen at least five parents dropping off at the crossing.

“However, today, with the pupils out, with the banner and their high-viz on, it seems to have had a great impact.

“Hopefully some people saw what the children were doing and it made them think twice.”

The children were taking a tally of what they thought were dangerous incidents during school drop-off hour, and recorded two.

The Telegraph went to the school on Wednesday morning and a number of parents said the idea was fantastic.

Stephen Mansell, 58, Byron Crescent, Rushden, has a grand-daughter at the school and he said he was fully behind the campaign.

He said: “It is brilliant what they’re doing.

“How some people are parking is dangerous, it’s not worth putting a life at risk just so you can park easily.

“I think what we need is a car park, where the parents can go and it removes the danger.”

Two officers from Northants Police were in attendance – including PC Dave Parsons, Rushden town centre safer community team constable, who said he’ll be returning to the school to see if the campaign has changed the bad habits.

Mrs Worbey said they will now review their efforts and look to repeat it.