Prime Minister visits Tata Steel in Corby

Prime Minister David Cameron in Corby today
Prime Minister David Cameron in Corby today

Prime Minister David Cameron visited Tata Steel in Corby today (Friday) to support the Conservative’s candidate in the by-election, Christine Emmett.

He arrived just after 10am and spent time with party activists at their campaign headquarters in Cottingham Road before arriving at the tube mills to meet Tata Steel workers and executives.

Prime Minister David Cameron during his trip to Corby

Prime Minister David Cameron during his trip to Corby

The by-election for the Corby and East Northants seat was called after the resignation of former Conservative MP for the constituency, Louise Mensch.

Mr Cameron said: “The question for the people of Corby and East Northants is who is going to do the best job for them in Parliament.

“We can win if people put their cross in the box for the best local candidate. With Christine we have someone who has worked in business and has experience of business.”

Mr Cameron was shown round the plant’s No 6 mill and the No 1 mill by works manager at Corby Neil Scott, and spoke to workers about their jobs and training opportunities with the firm.

Mr Cameron said: “I think people in this country know that things are difficult and tough right now but they don’t want the Government to back off difficult decisions, they want the Government to stick with the programme to deliver the change that’s necessary and recognise that we are beginning to see rebalancing in our economy.

“A million net new jobs in the private sector over the last two years.

“It’s tough, it’s difficult, but we have to stick with the programme because actually that’s going to deliver the growth and the jobs and the investment that Corby and East Northamptonshire need.”

Mrs Mensch, who has moved to New York, won the marginal seat in 2010 with a 1,951-vote majority.

Mr Cameron added: “Of course there are challenges here but on the last figures youth unemployment came down, the numbers of people claiming jobseekers allowance came down, we’ve had a lot of new businesses created in Corby, the private sector is starting to get going and we need a campaign that gets behind that.”

Mrs Emmett said: “I am delighted that the Prime Minister took the time to come Corby and support the campaign and meet my team. The campaign is going very well. We have to highlight all the positives.”