Deputy leader stands aside for new councillors

The deputy leader of Corby Council has decided to stand down and give some of the “brilliant” new councillors a chance.

Cllr Mark Pengelly announced his decision on Monday.

He said: “I haven’t got as much time as I had to devote to being deputy leader. I work long hours managing a business and then can spend three to four hours a day at the council and I’m totally worn out. I have heart problems too, and need to take it a bit easier.”

Cllr Pengelly was elected deputy leader in 2007.

He will continue to sit on the council and represent the Lloyds East ward.

Leader of the council Tom Beattie said: “Cllr Pengelly has given many years to Corby Council as deputy leader and we would all like to thank him for his hard work and dedication to the post.

“Mark has been part of the leadership through some of Corby’s most successful years and we are pleased that he will continue to help us drive the council and town forward as a councillor.

“I fully understand that he needs to look after the wellbeing of himself and his family first and foremost and would personally like to thank Mark for the support he has given me since becoming leader of the council.”

Cllr Pengelly added: “I’ve been in place for five years and now it’s time for the new councillors to get a chance, they’re brilliant, energetic and have got new ideas. I’m still going to be a councillor, I’m still going to be active and I’ll continue to give Tom my full support. He has been a breath of fresh air.”

Leader of the Liberal Democrat group at the council, Cllr Chris Stanbra, said: “I’ve enjoyed having Mark as a political opponent. He has always been a robust defender of the council and has always stood up for Corby and Corby people.

“It has been a pleasure working with him as deputy leader and it will be a pleasure to work with him as a councillor in the future.”

Cllr David Sims, leader of the Conservatives at the council, said: “I respect anyone who puts themselves up for public office, it is a thankless task sometimes and the demands are extreme. We both want the best for Corby and our ways of achieving it are different, but it’s a political disagreement, not personal.”