Politicians join battle to save great British pub

Politicians in the area have issued a rallying call to save the great British pub.

During a debate in Parliament on the regulation of pub companies, Corby and East Northants MP Andy Sawford gave his support to local pubs and breweries.

The debate led by the Labour Party called for a statutory code to guide and regulate the relationship between large pub companies, the branded chains of pubs which account for the most in the UK, and their tenants and licensees and for tenants to be allowed to choose between tied and non-tied options, to ensure fair and open business opportunities for tenants and small brewers.

Mr Sawford said: “In Corby and East Northamptonshire we have excellent local breweries like Nene Valley brewery, the Great Oakley brewery, Rockingham Ales. They would benefit from being able to sell to all the pubs in my area.”

East Midlands MEP Derek Clark said: “UKIP has been saying for years more needs to be done to save the great British pub. They took a hard hit when the smoking ban was introduced. Once pubs shut down they rarely re-open.”