Politicians fail ordinary folk

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The ‘Lost Generation’ is a testimony to weak uncaring leadership, and by that I mean all party leaders.

They appear as soundbite celebrities, grabbing top spot for the day’s headlines and batting off the reality of what is taking place in society.

Corby’s MP Louise Mensch seems to do her job by proxy, and the “Big” society continues to put on weight. I predict that before this year is done this Government will have dragged the poorest in society to depths never known before, and all will be pushed into oblivion, firstly by the London games and then Betty’s dripping with diamonds bash. The spin doctors will already be making plans to release the worst news to coincide with every gold medal won. Those medals and the cost of striking them will come back to haunt Mr Cameron, Mr Coe and the imbicilic Boris Johnson. They can fool all of the people some of the time but their time is nearly up. One per cent ruin the lives of the other 99 per cent with bad policies, bad judgement and an astonishing ignorance about how we view society.

Professional politicians fail us all, every day, again and again, and we just sit here and watch our lives go down the tubes. We have the power, we must change or we will put our children into servitude following in our footsteps. I want my life back – how about you?

Tom Bingham

By email