Plans for a WeLoveCorby campaign

A recent jousting event at Rockingham Castle, one of the area's tourist attractions
A recent jousting event at Rockingham Castle, one of the area's tourist attractions
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Councillors are to be asked to support a WeLoveCorby campaign to promote tourism in the area.

At a full meeting of the borough council on Thursday (September 19) a proposal for a cross party local tourism commission will be discussed.

It has been proposed by leader of the Conservative group on the council David Sims and seconded by Cllr Rob McKellar.

If it is approved, the commission would be made up of one member from each of the political groups on the council, chief executive Norman Stronach, council officers and representatives of local businesses, the parish councils and the local catering, hotel and entertainment industries.

Friends of local parks and beauty spots would also be invited to join.

Cllr Sims said: “Corby has seen a huge amount of investment from private companies and central government in recent years and this has been a massive boost for regeneration in the town.

“What we now want to do is take regeneration in Corby to the next level by promoting tourism in the area. The level of investment that an area receives will always be tied to the population in that area and the number of people who will use the facilities invested in.

“If we can generate a healthy tourist industry in Corby, this will significantly increase the number of potential customers for new facilities and will go a long way towards encouraging new companies and industries to invest in Corby.”

Conservative councillors are proposing that the new tourism commission, if set up, would promote the area’s history and natural beauty sports.

They include Rockingham Castle, Kirby Hall, the Old Village, including St John’s Church, and East Carlton Countryside Park.

The group has also highlighted the significance of cultural events which take place in the area such as the Highland Gathering, Corby Carnival, Weldonfest and Gretton Music Festival.

Corby’s location on the Midland Mainline, with a direct rail link to London, and its proximity to the A14, also make it an ideal tourist location.

Deputy leader of the Conservatives, Cllr Rob McKellar, said, “Corby is a great place with so much to offer and we really should be out there flying the flag for the borough and telling the world what a fantastic place we live in.

“It is rich with folklore and history dating back to ancient times. We have Roman roads and ancient burial grounds, as well as Norman castles, Elizabethan Halls and Royal Charters. On top of this we own a piece of Britain’s modern industrial history, we have seven beautiful historic villages and we even have a crater on the moon named after the town. These are all things that are worth shouting about and that is exactly what we will do.”

The Conservative group is also calling on the council’s culture and leisure department to prepare a Corby tourism strategy.