Pet dog mauled in vicious attack

Injured Dot
Injured Dot

A savage dog attack has left a pet Yorkshire terrier with horrific injuries.

Another dog, believed to have been a Staffordshire terrier, attacked tiny 11-year-old Dot in Meadow Road, Rothwell, sinking its teeth in and shaking her around “like a toy”.

Dot was rushed to the vet and received surgery. Vets at the practice said they had never seen a dog with injuries as bad as hers survive.

Jacqueline Burford was walking Dot with granddaughter Robyn Rowe at the time of the attack.

She said: “We only got as far as the next house before another dog came up behind us.

“It was getting right in our dogs’ faces and Dot was trying to get away.

“Robyn was worried and picked Dot up to take her home – the dog lunged at her, knocked her over and got hold of Dot.

“It had her in the middle of the road and was shaking her like a toy.”

Eventually the dogs were separated, but she said: “Dot crawled away on to the pavement and Robyn collapsed when she saw the state of her leg.

“Her muscle had been shredded right down to the bone and she’ll never be able to walk properly again.”

Mrs Burford had trouble finding out who exactly she should complain to about a dog-on-dog attack, with the council, the police, the RSPCA and the dog warden all giving her different answers.

After Mrs Burford’s daughter Jamie Rowe wrote to Kettering MP Philip Hollobone, she received a visit from the police, who are investigating the incident.

Inspector Dick Aistrop of Kettering police said: “We have been in contact with Philip Hollobone about this incident and are looking into what happened and to find out if everything that could have been done was.”

Mr Hollobone added: “I would have to say I am getting more and more inquiries from people who have either had their pet attacked by another or they themselves have been bitten.”