Patients see doctors via webcams

County patients can link up to doctors and speak to them via webcams in a pioneering new initiative.

Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (NHFT) is one of the first health organisations in the country to offer video consultations to patients, letting them speak to doctors more often.

Patients with ADHD and Aspergers were being seen using the online webcam.

Kobus Van Rensburg, a consultant clinical psychologist at the trust, said: “Having the option to have video-consultations from home gives our clients the opportunity to remain in the setting where they feel safe, it also means that they are able to have an appointment outside the standard team hours of 9am to 5pm as there is no need to book a clinic room for this.

“There are additional benefits from an organisational point of view - undertaking consultations using this approach is reducing travel costs and enabling us as a team to see more clients during our working day.”

A patient who has used the webcam method to chat to his doctor, said: “It’s valuable to touch base, to talk to a clinician if you need reassurance.

“If you are a long way from the clinic, it’s wonderful – you still have ‘one-to-one’ but you don’t have to pay for travel, it cuts down struggling.”