Park and ride for town cycling race

A PARK and ride scheme will be running to help ease congestion around Kettering while people enjoy the Halfords Tour Series.

To manage the surge of visitors expected in Kettering for the cycling event, there will be a park and ride scheme operating from Wicksteed Park into the town centre.

Kettering Council, Wicksteed Park and Stagecoach have been working together to offer the service on Thursday.

Wicksteed Park will be open from 8am providing all day parking at a cost of 2 per car.

Stagecoach will be running buses from the park to transport visitors to and from the race at a cost of 1 return per person.

Buses will be running every 30 minutes from 8am until 10pm and will travel along London Road to drop off and pick up at the bus stop opposite St Mary's Hospital only.

Cllr Keli Watts, ward councillor for the town centre, said: "It's fantastic that we have been able to provide a park and ride scheme on the edge of town at one of our biggest attractions.

"The scheme will help the town to cope with the large number of visitors to the area which an elite racing event such as the Halfords Tour Series will bring."

Due to road closures at Sheep Street, buses will leave the London Road bus stop up until 2pm. After 2pm all buses will only stop at the Eskdaill Street and Newland Street bus stops.

Head of community services for the council Valerie Hitchman said: "We are pleased to be working with Stagecoach and Wicksteed Park to provide parking for those who wish to attend the Halfords Tour Series, as well as regular users of the town centre.

"By promoting a car park on the edge of town we hope to decrease the amount of traffic around the town centre which will see continued road closures throughout the day to allow for the race."

For more details call the Stagecoach Travel Line on 01604 676060.

Park and ride for town cycling race

n By Stephanie Weaver