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Gregg Nunney's choice of favourite Bond might raise a few eyebrows
Gregg Nunney's choice of favourite Bond might raise a few eyebrows
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I had a big debate with someone this week about the merits of Roger Moore.

I’m fully aware he starred as James Bond for longer than any other actor and that he is generally regarded as something of a living legend – for me though, he is probably my least favourite incarnation of 007.

The “who was the best Bond” question is being asked because this year is the 50th anniversary of the first movie, Dr No – and also the year that the latest offering, Skyfall, hits cinemas.

The Bond franchise has given us so many memories, from Ursula Andress in that bikini to the remarkable array of cars and gadgets the agent has used… and destroyed.

There’s just something about Roger Moore’s Bond that doesn’t sit right for me.

I like my 007 to be a little bit edgy and a little darker. I don’t mind the quips and the one-liners, but Roger tends to take them one step too far.

I find some of his outings more like Carry On Spying.

Saying that, Live and Let Die is my absolute favourite Bond flick, which is one of Roger Moore’s, and my least favourite is Die Another Day starring Pierce Brosnan.

Maybe the Bond debate is a bit like your favourite Blue Peter presenter or your favourite Dr Who incarnation – perhaps we just tend to pick the one that we grew up with, the one who was current when we were children.

Sean Connery is certainly iconic in the role, Pierce Brosnan similar to the Scot and Daniel Craig much grittier.

For me, though, the ultimate Bond is actually Timothy Dalton!

Dalton is a great actor and, in my opinion, incredibly under-rated. He can do comedy (see Hot Fuzz), fantasy (Dr Who) and brought a sense of realism to his two Bond adventures in the 1980s that I think the others have lacked.

So as we wait for Skyfall, who’s your ultimate Bond? Moore? Connery? George Lazenby? This debate could go on for another 50 years.