Michelle Morgan - And so the present sale begins...

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So that’s it, Christmas is over and the tidy-up has begun.

For most of us that involves finding a place in our homes to put the presents we’ve been given… for some people, that place is called eBay.

Every year I like to bring you the best (and worst) unwanted gifts being sold by unsatisfied peeps, and this year is no exception. So let’s start with the biggest selection of items on sale…

These listings involve wrapped presents in need of a good home; some are said to be unwanted, while others are supposed to be the leftovers from a work’s party. A likely story. These listings always have the same thing in common: the current owner doesn’t know what they are, but without doubt (according to them) they will be the most awesome gift you have ever had in your life…

Take one listing for example: A selection of shiny gifts, apparently given by the seller’s ex-boyfriend. She doesn’t know what is in them but he normally buys her expensive La Senza underwear and Chanel No 5 perfume. Closer inspection reveals that sure enough, there is a square and a squidgy-looking parcel, but I’d hazard a guess that they consist of Poundstretcher scent and Primark socks, but call me a cynic…

Another set of wrapped gifts really takes the biscuit. Apparently the seller ‘found’ them under the tree but as they have no names on she doesn’t know who they were supposed to be given to, and has no recollection of what could be inside.

However, she does seem to know that she only ever buys pricey clothes from Next for her family, and that one of them ‘rattles like expensive jewellery’ (her words not mine). This listing comes with the added bonus of a PS. “I have just found two more expensive-looking gifts which my baby son had hidden in a stocking… but please note the stocking is not for sale.”

Hmm, thanks for letting me know but I think I’ll pass all the same.

The rest of the unwanted gift brigade comes in the shape of household and garden appliances such as knives and forks; irons; leaf blowers, ironing boards and toasters. Let that be a lesson to us all – no household equipment presents unless we want to see them on eBay next year.

And on that note I will wish you a happy New Year and go and take down my Christmas tree…. Hopefully I’ll find some long-forgotten presents to sell… but then again, probably not.