Michelle Morgan

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So Downton Abbey is finished for another year and, boy, what a wonderful series it was.

Even my parents – who had never watched any of the other series until now – got completely enthralled and we’ve enjoyed many Monday mornings discussing the goings-on of the night before.

There have been many storylines covered this year including the tragic and unexpected death of the youngest daughter Lady Sybil, which was a real surprise thanks to the Downton crew keeping it secret for months.

Then there was the storyline surrounding gay Thomas, who got into trouble by attempting to kiss his colleague whom he mistakenly believed liked him too.

Of course he wouldn’t have thought of such a thing if not for O’Brien – a maid so engrossed in stirring things up that she barely has time for her own life.

She is played – quite splendidly – by Siobhan Finneran, who is also famous for playing raunchy Janice in Benidorm.

I like to think O’Brien is Janice’s great-great-grandmother, though what one would think of the other is certainly up for debate.

While I love all the characters in Downton, the award for my favourite would have to go to wonderful Dame Maggie Smith who plays the part of the dowager extremely well.

Never a week goes by when I’m not roaring with laughter at her one-liners or put-downs.

This week’s highlight was when describing how hard it had been to raise two children, especially as she had had to spend a whole hour with them, every single day…

Of course the actors wouldn’t be half as good without the magnificent writing of Julian Fellowes, who understands upstairs, downstairs life so well that it’s hard to believe he wasn’t actually born then.

The series is amazing and although it’s over, there’s a nice consolation…

we have a brand new episode to look forward to on Christmas Day, and all being well Santa will be bringing me the new Downton book too. I can hardly wait!