Officers monitored speeding near raceway

Wellingborough Rural Safer Community Team has said it took positive action to tackle speeding leading up to and during the Performance Vauxhall Show at Santa Pod Raceway.

The exercise was carried out in Irchester Road and Wollaston Road on Saturday, June 9.

A hand-held speed measuring device was used to detect motorists exceeding the speed limit along these roads. In the space of an hour, one driver was caught driving over the designated speed limit and another for an illegal registration number plate.

On Sunday, June 10, a marked police van was in Cobbs Lane, Wollaston, while officers and PCSOs carried out a speeding operation at Gypsy Lane, Irchester.

Several vehicles were stopped during the day with five fixed penalty notices and three verbal warnings issued to motorists, and words of advice given to another.

Sergeant David Convery said: “Speeding on main routes to and from events held at Santa Pod Raceway remains a worrying concern for local residents.

“I hope the proactive approach we have taken to address this issue demonstrates that we will continue to take strong action to resolve the issues residents raise as concerns, and will take further enforcement activity and high visibility patrols in the area where necessary.

“Motorists who drive with no consideration for others are risking theirs and others safety, their licence and their livelihood, so should think long and hard about driving over the legal speed limits.”