Randy jumped the fence for ram raid

Randy's dad, Terry, who is the same breed, with park manager Ryan Thompson
Randy's dad, Terry, who is the same breed, with park manager Ryan Thompson

A popular rural centre has been inundated with lambs after a male sheep with a spring in his step went on his own personal ram raid.

A total of 13 lambs have already been born at West Lodge Rural Centre in Desborough two months early and another 20 ewes are expecting after a ram jumped a fence and bred with almost the entire flock.

Farmer Ryan Thompson said: “It’s quite comical because we separate them for a couple of months before breeding season, but when they come into season the ewes produce a perfume that drives rams wild.”

The centre divides its 109 ewes when it comes to breeding so they have two waves of lambs.

But Randy the Ram, as he was named by staff, jumped the fence when all the ewes were still in one field.

Farmer Ed Dee, 42, said: “He had a bit of a smirk on his face.”

A texel ram, Randy was aged seven, which is the end of the breed’s really active and productive period, and has since been slaughtered.

Mr Thompson, 36, said: “I don’t know whether he was having one last good spring.”

Ewes can lamb from December to the end of April but only about 10 per cent of farms lamb in December because the cold weather means ewes and lambs have to be kept indoors, making it more labour intensive.

West Lodge had planned to breed the sheep at the start of April to try to coincide the lambing with the February half-term – but Randy jumped the fence in April.

The centre’s ewes are a mix of Southdowns, Suffolks and Soays crosses. Each of its two rams usually breeds with about 40 of the ewes.