More than 1,100 drivers caught speeding in county in a week

PCSO Nathan Murray monitoring drivers in Shire Road, Corby
PCSO Nathan Murray monitoring drivers in Shire Road, Corby

A week-long speeding operation across Northamptonshire has found more than 1,100 motorists speeding.

The operation was part of a TISPOL European speed enforcement campaign and saw officers from the Operations Tactical Unit, Safer Roads Team and Safer Community Teams join forces and find 1,119 motorists breaking the speed limit.

PCSO Nathan Murray and PC Lee Norton in Shire Road, Corby, during the speeding operation

PCSO Nathan Murray and PC Lee Norton in Shire Road, Corby, during the speeding operation

Officers focused the operation on those areas identified by people as speeding hotspots as well as the county’s red routes, those roads where there has been a high number of serious injury or fatal road accidents in the last year.

Of the people found to be breaking the speed limit, 528 were identified by the Safer Roads Team, who use the mobile speed camera vans.

Those motorists will be given the option of paying a £90 fine and three points on their licence or pay to attend a speed awareness course.

Those motorists found to be using excessive speed will be summonsed to appear before court.

Safer Community Teams across Northamptonshire tackled speeding in the areas identified to them by local people as being a problem.

Of the 591 people they found to be speeding by SCTs, 185 motorists will be issued with warning letters, telling them they have been found speeding, that a log of their speeding has been left on their record and what risks they face if they continue to speed in the future.

Tickets were issued to 187 people found speeding by SCTs, those motorists will given the option of paying a £90 fine and three points on their licence or pay to attend a speed awareness course.

Words of advice about driving excessively were issued to 218 people by SCT officers who were taking part in the operation and one person was arrested for driving at speed while disqualified.

Deputy Chief Constable Suzette Davenport said: “Speed is a significant contributory factor with road collisions and this campaign demonstrates the resolve of police forces across Europe in tackling this issue.

“In Northamptonshire we tackle speeding motorists on a daily basis, however, this campaign saw an increase in officers focusing on the issue throughout last week.

“Speed limits are not targets, it is always important that people drive appropriately to the conditions they face.

“Keeping to the speed limit can make the difference between life and death.”

DCC Davenport added: “We tackle speeding as part of our Fatal Four campaign, which targets those motorists committing the four most common offences that can contribute to serious injury or road deaths on our roads.

“The four areas are speeding, mobile phone usage, not wearing a seatbelt and drink driving.”

As is often the case, officers found those people who were speeding had also committed other traffic offences while behind the wheel.

Nine people were found to be using a mobile phone, while speeding, 26 people were not using a seatbelt, two people were found to be driving dangerously and 12 vehicles were seized as either the car did not have a valid MOT or the driver was not insured.

DCC Davenport said: “Despite the high visibility of the officers taking part in the operation, motorists still insisted on breaking the speed limit.

“There appears to be a culture that speeding is acceptable, however that is not the case and I hope operations such as this will help instil the importance of adhering to the speed limit to motorists.

“What I found particularly heartening during the operation was the commitment of our Safer Community Teams in tackling speeding in those areas that had been identified by local people as a problem.”

Northamptonshire County Council made a contribution towards the cost of some of the work Safer Community Teams did during the week.

Cllr Andre Gonzalez De Savage, county council cabinet member for infrastructure and public protection, said: “We all know that vehicle travel speeds affect both the risk and severity of collisions, and subsequent injuries.

“We therefore fully support our police colleagues in taking a robust approach to speeding drivers 365 days a year and are continually stepping up efforts to catch irresponsible drivers who choose to ignore speed limits.

“The results from this operation are disappointing but not surprising.

“However, we should all aspire to be careful and competent drivers because the consequences of a serious collision are far reaching and often devastating for those affected.”

Here is a breakdown on the number of people found speeding by Safer Community Teams during the operation.

Wellingborough/Rushden/Irthlingborough – 70

Kettering/Desborough – 39

Corby – 25

A14/A43/A605/A6/M1 – 42

Northampton – 255

Towcester – 10

Brackley – 10

Daventry – 140