Lottery winner takes home £20,000 prize

A LUCKY man from Finedon has won a “life-changing” £20,000 in a lottery just a few weeks after he started playing.

David North, from Wellingborough Road, entered his postcode in the People’s Postcode Lottery at the beginning of March.

This week he was delighted to find himself a winner. His prize cheque was presented by rugby union legend Scott Quinnell.

The game involves people signing up their postcodes to the People’s Postcode Lottery website. When a certain postcode is drawn, every ticket in that postcode shares the prize.

David’s winning postcode NN9 5JS was drawn as the Saturday Street Prize winner.

The 42-year-old only registered his postcode to play at the beginning of the month, taking advantage of a two-for-one offer, entitling him to a free ticket for his first month of play. With his postcode being drawn as a winner, David doubled his winnings as his paid for ticket, and his ‘free’ ticket are both worth £10,000.

David, who is contracted by Sainsbury’s as a Mercedes heavy vehicle workshop manager, said: “I am shell shocked. This amount of money is going to change my life.”

David already knows exactly how the money is going to be used. He said: “I have been saving up a deposit to buy a house for over six years. This money means I can finally start looking for a house, as I now have the deposit which is required.”

Scott Quinnell, who acts as ambassador for the lottery, said “It is always fantastic when we have a winner who has only been playing for a short while. Last week’s winner only signed up to play in January – it just proves that any postcode can win at any time!”

Players of People’s Postcode Lottery have raised £17.1 million for charities and good causes across the country.

The lottery donates £2 from each £10 ticket sold to good causes.

Charities in Northamptonshire are benefiting from the game already. Daventry Area Community Transport received £1,722 recently from People’s Postcode Trust, the independent grant giving body of the lottery, allowing the group to purchase two three-wheel powered scooters. The scooters allow people with mobility issues to live a mobile life, making their journeys easier.

For details visit or call 0808 10 98765.